Lila and Nick

Lila Elle Harris is the perpetual tomboy, and perpetual victim of the cruel Nick Moore. Will she ever find the courage to tell him to *bleep bleep*? Or will she fall for him instead? hehe…

Warning: these stories, especially later chapters, contain drug references, some violence, insane humor, language, and sexuality. 😛 


~ by jenssims on May 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Lila and Nick”

  1. Nobody ever leaves a comment on here, so I thought I would.

    WOW! That Nick sure is HAWT!!!


    ONE MONTH LATER: ummm, maybe I should delete this comment now.

  2. Nice idea for working up some stories. If you switched the format a bit to look more like a web comic you could use one of the web comic lists to get traffic (should you want it):

    I’ve never played the sims – the facial characterisation, especially from child growing to adult, is better than I would have expected.

    • Hi Callan. Thanks for the link and suggestion! And thanks for the encouragement. The first time I ever played Sims was when the Sims 2 came out; now I’m addicted again with the third Sims. 😀 Of course, the game isn’t perfect, and the Sims have a lot of stupid expressions, esp. in Sims 3, lol. Sometimes makes it harder to take good pics.


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