At Play With Genetics!

I bred Nick and Lila in the custom world of Neverglade (which is an incredible world, btw) and here are their adult kids:



Daniel. Ignore the stupid look on his face. His grammy told him to stop making faces as a kid or they’d get stuck. Well, he didn’t heed her advice.

Trent, who is the spitting image of the sperm-donor.

Dallas, spitting image of… Lila?!

Lillian. Isn’t she just beautiful? 🙂

Briana. She looks like her father. *ahem*

Nick Jr., who actually looks like his mother, for the most part. IMO, he’s the best looking out of all his brothers. *drool*

…and this is Isabella, grown up as a teen. 🙂

Kayla, as an adult.

Damien, AKA Travis, as a teen.

Travis as an adult. Not bad; not bad at all.  😛

Overall, some pretty decent genetics, despite a few pudding faces.

And this concludes At Play With Genetics. This special was brought to you by Jenssims Inc.


9 Responses to “At Play With Genetics!”

  1. Wow, it’s quite scary how much some of the kids look identical to their parents. Nick Jr is my favourite of the boys by far *drool* Drucilla is just gorgeous 🙂

    • Hi Kim 😀 it is very weird, isn’t it? I knew you’d be interested in this stuff, lol. Yes, Nick Jr. is my fave boy, and Drucilla is my fave girl. ^.^ Lillian is beautiful too. 🙂

      Lol, I only had to kill off one really ugly sim. hahaha, I know I’m so mean and evil…. but her face was too long, so was her nose, and her lips too fat. No amount of cc was going to fix her. 😛

      • Lol, yeah I know what you mean I have some sims that come out like that. I have peeked at what Lyra’s kiddies will look like as YA and I don’t know weather to be happy about it or not, don’t get me wrong they are gorgeous, but…I don’t know lol.

        Should hoepfully have my next chapter up sometime today 🙂

      • Yeah, seems like they almost ALWAYS have nice eyes or whatever, but the proportions are all off! 😛

        Kewl, I’ll keep checking back on yer blog! 😀

  2. OK i albsolutly love Lillian Isabella Kayla!!

  3. can you put ’em up for d/l

    • Oh, ok. I’ll try. My launcher likes to act stupid, lol.

      😀 It may take me a little while to do this… lol

      • OK, here they are in one big household:

        I tried to get all of them, but I think there’s three not in the household. I know Travis and Kayla were not included, so sorry about that. There’s just so many of them, they’re hard to keep track of. XD

        Now if you want to take any of them to CAS and edit them, you should be able to by having them ‘plan outfit’ at the dresser, and scroll down to their little thumbnail at the bottom of the screen. There will be 3 dots and click on that to see the option ‘save sim to bin’, so click on that one (I think). When you go into CAS, you should see the sim in there, so then you can edit him or her.

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