Bloodlust: New Upcoming Series… (UPDATED)


Yes, it’s about vampires. 😛  😀  

He is a downloaded sim. Here is the link to him:

Credit goes to the creator.

Of course the fangs and other vampiric accessories are from TSR.  Lol, I won’t need those when LN comes out.

Since a lot of people won’t notice this post, I’ll create a thread on the series on the Sims 3 forums, likely when it gets closer to the EP’s release date.  ♪  ♫

There will be a separate blog for this series. 🙂

My series will be dark, no sparklies, and there will be romance, (of course) adventure, and some humor, and YUMMY SEXUALITY!


Here’s some more pics I took of the vampires’ home the other day:


This tunnel leads to the pool and garden area on both sides.

I’ve decided this guy might be the leader. He’s a little boney because he hasn’t fed in ages… thus, the resemblance to the Reaper.



More info on storyline: I think this series will begin in Sunset Valley. The main character is Aubrey, and she’ll be a college student. She”s dating some dude, but something happens to him… anyhow, she begins searching for him and the trail leads to a huge city (hence the city in the next EP, of course LOL) where she meets some dangerous peeps. I don’t want to give too much away too early. 😉  But I have already devised some plot twists, hehehe.

Since it’s 72 days till the EP comes out, whenever I finish ‘Riverview’ (which will be around August 28th) I’ll begin this series around Sept. 1, but only update like once every week or so. That way by the time the vamps come into the story, that EP will be out. LOL, I’ve thought of everything. There’s just no way in heck I’d be able to wait over 2 months to start this story. 😛


6 Responses to “Bloodlust: New Upcoming Series… (UPDATED)”

  1. I love it, can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

    I gave the HAWT vampire a rec 🙂

    • Hey Kim, thanks! You’re the best. I’m glad you liked the idea, I know not everyone is into vampires and I’d totally understand if anyone wasn’t interested! But nobody commented, except for you, lol! thanks for giving that sim a rec, the creator deserved it. 😀 🙂

  2. No worries lol, yea vampires are HAWT 🙂 🙂
    I’m so excited for the new expansion, I can’t wait.

    Oh I put up a new chapter of The Stones today 🙂

    • Cool, I know a lot of peeps like vampires (esp. women, lol). Oh, I’m so totally excited for the new EP also, as you can tell! I’m already planning on a new series, with new blog and everything! It’s crazy! 😀

      I’ll check out your blog ASAP! Thanks for letting me know! 😀

  3. Sounds really great, looks like you have a fab storyline worked out too, love the house. 🙂

    • Hi Kim! thanks, glad you like the potential storyline. I can’t wait to start this one, lol. I’m so excited. 😛 Glad ya liked the house too. I don’t want to post too many pics of it, I want to save that for the actual story, lol.

      72 days till Late Night!!!!! 😀

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