Chapter Eight…

Oooooohh…. this sounds good. If I do say so myself. Of course, I’m biased.

What goodies are in store for Nick and Lila now?? hehehehehehehe…

Lila used a thin stick to try stabbing some fish. It was a technique that Nick had perfected. The first time Lila tried it, she fell on her rear.

Face it, Lila… you just can’t fish as good as Nick, she told herself. But of course, she wasn’t one to give up.

Three hours later, she impaled her first fish.

And it was a nice anchovy, weight at least zero ounces! Woot!

Pizza anyone?

As the sun sank behind the sea, Lila’s mood darkened again. She thought of her mother, of her soon-to-be little brother or sister, and thought of her home. Oh, how she missed her family and Riverview. Was she destined to be stuck on this horrible island forever?

She trudged inland, where she found Nick lounging on the sand. Lila fell next to him.

“I never really thanked you for what you did during that typhoon,” Lila began. “You used yourself to protect me, and I want to thank you for that. I was kind of mean to you, and I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t a problem, Lila. To be honest, I was pretty scared during the storm,” he admitted. “But I didn’t think you were mean about anything. If you were, I’m sure you had good reason to be.” He chuckled, and she smiled.

Nick and Lila suddenly grew quiet. Then Lila stood and walked over to watch the sun set.

She heard a rustling behind her, and Nick’s fingers brushed against her.

Oh… here it is. It’s happening, she thought; her stomach twisting and turning in anxiety.

“Lila,” he softly said, wrapping his arms around her waist. His breath was hot against her neck. His seduction of her was effortless, and just him whispering her name sent chills up her spine.

And this is the man I once hated? For many, many years? And after months without a single date, it turns out that I’m destined to be with Nick Moore??

His arms around her, the couple watched the sun dip below the landscape. Afterward, Nick pulled her down to the ground.

“Let’s make the best of this island,” he droned, “let’s have a small litter of babies, and when we get home we can have our own show on The Learning Channel.”

Lila’s breathing quickened and she said, “no way.” But she let him kiss her…

and his lips moved across hers like fingers across piano keys; playing her, their impassioned music drawing to a crescendo.

The waves crashed upon the beach, as the full moon rose in the night sky. Meanwhile, Lila and Nick found their way out of their clothes.

C’mere, she thought, motioning with her hand. Nick obliged.  

Am I dreaming? Is this really happening? Me and my arch nemesis?? How could it be?

*boing!* Lila’s plant abruptly sprang a couple heads of lettuce. Its growth was now complete.

“Nick,” Lila whispered.


Chopper blades hummed in the distance…

“I think I hear a freakin’ helicopter!”

“Shhh. Relax, Lila. You’re just a little nervous, that’s all,” he said, dipping down to kiss her.

About twenty minutes later, three men and one woman approached the couple on the beach.

It was the rescuers! Yay!! Oh, wait a minute…

“Oh my gosh! Are they… doing what I think they’re doing?!” the woman exclaimed.

“Uh, yes, Hannah; I believe they are. They’re playing that proverbial ‘search for the sock’ game,” the man next to her mumbled. “****** Nick, this won’t look good in divorce court,” he said to himself.

“It doesn’t look like they’re searching for any sock to me,” she replied.

“Well, when will they be done?” the woman whined ten minutes later, tilting her head to view the couple from a different angle.

Ewwww! I can’t stand to watch anymore!” some other dude screamed.

“Oh, ****!” Lila wailed, shoving Nick away. “There really was a helicopter! The rescuers are here, and they’re standing right over there watching!!”

This wasn’t exactly the emotions she thought she’d be feeling once help arrived.

“****! ****! Where’s my clothes?! Where’s my clothes?!”

Too late; never mind. Lila darted over to Nick, hiding behind him.

“Oh God, Nick. Please don’t let them see me!” Lila cried.

“Don’t worry,” he said.

“Good to see you, Nick,” one of the men called out.

“Hey, Coach Brennan! G-great to see you too! And you, Hannah, and you Bob, and you Jake…”

“You know these people??” Lila asked.

“Yes; Coach Brennan is the coach of the Llamas football team. And the other guys are teammates, and Hannah is Brennan’s daughter.”

“Dear God.”

Coach Brennan stepped up to them and said, “tell ya what. We’ll let you two get dressed, then we’ll be on our merry way back to Riverview. Sound good?”

Nick and Lila nodded.

Once they were dressed, Nick and Lila followed the others up a steep hill toward the helicopter.

Before boarding the chopper, Nick asked Lila something.

“Please don’t tell Auna about what happened between us.”

When she grew silent, his expression grew somewhat desperate.

“What?? You don’t want me to tell your wife?? I thought it didn’t matter, since you were getting divorced! What am I, some dirty secret now?! Nothing more than a home wrecking *****?!” she shouted. Not that she’d tell Auna anyhow; it was just the principle of the matter. And he was the one who seduced her! None of it was her fault!

“Would you just calm down? I don’t want Auna to know because she could bring it up in court!”

“Oh,” she quickly said.

But could she really trust him? Was he telling the truth? Or was he just playing her, like a finely-tuned piano?

After an astounding six days and nights (or thereabouts), Lila and Nick were on their way back to Riverview, and back to a harsh new reality.

Lila’s plant, now wilting and dry from lack of water, sat lonesome next to the abandoned shelter.


Chapter 9 coming soon… and the info dump about how Coach Brennan and the gang found Lila and Nick will also be explained.

Thanks for reading!!   


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