Chapter Eleven…

The Omen, err, Chapter 11: The Good Son. Damien, err, Travis strikes back.

The awesome football field I’m using is by Knyght from the You’ll find it here:

Nick knew the time was near to tell Travis about his relationship with Lila. He took the boy to the football field behind the sports stadium. Maybe a game of catch would help butter Travis up, and he wouldn’t be so pissed at him after the shocking revelation…


Nick hurled the ball at his son. It whizzed past his ear like a hummingbird on crack.

“Daaaaaad,” Travis whined, “you threw the **** ball too hard!”

“I don’t know my own strength! What can I say? And stop cussing!” Nick returned.

Travis threw the football toward his dad, as hard as he could.

It was no use. Nick caught it; effortlessly.

“Son, I need to talk to you about something important,” he said fidgeting with the ball.

“If it’s about you and Lila, I already know!” he said.


“What do you know about me and Lila?”

“I know you and Lila sleep together. In the same bed, in her room downstairs.” Nick thought he was going to choke. “It’s okay, Dad. I’m not mad. I like Lila, she’s my friend.”

Nick stared at his son. Skepticism lurked around the corner (not unlike Nick’s mother).

“Do you really mean that, Travis?”


“How much do you know about Lila and me?” The blade of anxiety twisted inside his gut.

“I asked Mama what you’ve been doing in the basement. She said you–”

“And Lila are watching television,” Nick interrupted, afraid of what his son was going to say.

“No. Mama says you and Lila are having sex.”

As his son chattered on about things a seven-year-old should never know, that knife in Nick’s gut perforated his bowel.

Thanks a helluva lot, Auna, you b*tch.

“Daddy, do babies really come from sex?”

“Uh, no. Your mother lied to you about that.”

“Dad, I miss Mama.”

Nick grunted.

“Are you going to marry Lila?” Travis asked.

“Isn’t it time you go home and do your homework?” Nick asked.

Inside the gift shop/game room next to the stadium, Lila played foosball hockey.

She noticed Nick’s presence out of her peripheral vision. She stood back from the gaming table to consider him. His brow was furrowed, as though he were under tremendous stress at that moment.

“I told Travis about us,” he said.

Lila gazed at him.

“You did? You actually told him?”

She dashed over to him and they hugged. Strangely, someone was watching them…

…Nick’s mother. She pressed her forehead against the window and sneered.

“How did Travis take the news?” Lila asked.

“Pretty good, actually.”

Hmmm. I mean, that’s great,” Lila said. Suspicion crept within.

What’s the catch? she wondered.

Morning arrived as the moon fell toward the horizon. Leaving behind the day before, another day commenced in Riverview.

And again Lila wondered about Travis: what’s the catch??

Lila swung her legs over the edge of the bed. It was morning, time for the first wee of the day.

Just before rising, though, she gazed around the room and peered out the windows. It felt so strange being in Nick’s bedroom, and when she awakened she expected to be in the dark, windowless basement that had been her home for the last few months.

She didn’t miss it; although she did feel badly for Auna and Travis… what right did she have to be sleeping in Nick’s bed? But here she was.

She pushed those thoughts from her mind, and got up.

Lila ambled into the master bathroom.

After sitting on the toilet, she looked down at her feet;

wriggled her toes to amuse herself while waiting to pee. The amusement had only begun.

“Aahhh!!” she shrieked. Two sharp prongs sunk into her rear end.

She leapt from the pot and fell to the floor.

KARMA! she thought just before passing out.

(Nick’s POV)

Nick awakened after hearing Lila’s cries.


He strolled into the bathroom and stared at Lila. Then he glanced into the toilet.


I really need to have a talk with Travis.

After Nick applied antiseptic ointment to Lila’s buns, she prepared for work. Nick tossed the offending snake several yards from the house.

Walking out to the car, Lila saw Roger standing in front of it.

Roger… Roger Nutter. Oh, shit.

“After giving birth to a snake in the toilet, this is just what I need,” she muttered.

“I need to talk to you about me and Audrey,” Roger began.

“I don’t want to hear this! I have to go to work!” she fumed.

“Just—just hear me out!”

“I think before you butt in other people’s lives, you need to take a look at your own!” he said.

“What? What do you mean?” she shouted.

“Your mom is too nice to tell you this, but Nick Moore is only using you. He’s just on the rebound from his wife! Eventually he’ll realize that and dump you!”

“No! That’s not true! And what do you know about it anyway! You’re just a stupid young punk!”

He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, does he?

Roger recoiled as though Lila were about to strike him. It was an exaggerated show of fear, and Lila nearly laughed.

“See what I mean? You act like you’re twelve.”

“Now just get out of here so I can get to work,” she demanded.

“Fine. Go,” he said.

“Go home, Roger. Go home to your—mother, err, my mother.”

Lila sat in the car and started the engine. She watched Roger leave the property.

What did he do? Walk the entire way here just to tell me to butt out? Hmmm… he did all that for my mom?

Either way, he still had nerve to confront me at Nick’s home.

Stars twinkled, crickets chirped, and frogs croaked (so to speak). Once more, nighttime had come to visit Riverview.

And Lila visited the master bathroom again, despite the nightmare from that morning. She thought she’d never go back into that room, but changed her mind just before coming home from work. A nice soak in the tub sounded sooo good.

She allowed the silken, warm water to cascade over her fingers…

then she went to undo the robe straps. While doing so, she glanced into the bathtub.

Travis had outdone himself this time.


Downstairs, a little boy darted to his bedroom to hide.

Maybe Nick forgot about that little talk…


Chapter 12 coming soon!


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