Chapter Fifteen…


Chapter 15: Remember the Llamas.


The first football game of the season would soon begin in Twinbrook.

Lila met Nick in April, two months after the last season ended. Throughout the time he’d trained her, there wasn’t much time left to practice before the first big game. Nick was a little worried about his upcoming performance, and the added distraction from being lost (when they first arrived) didn’t help.

As the bleachers began filling up with spectators, Lila sat next to Doris. A few local Twinbrook hicks sat on the benches near them.

Two hours after the game started, the other team scored 7 points, and the time was running low.  Lila was getting worried.

Finally, a teammate hurled the ball to Nick. Instead of passing it to another player, he tucked it under his arm and bolted toward the opposite end zone.

“Touchdown!” the announcer bellowed over the PA system. The crowd cheered and booed.

Lila and Doris stood, their excitement mounting. The score was now 6-7, and the option was given to score another point by kicking, or taking advantage of a two-point conversion. Of course, the team chose the latter.

As the Llamas advanced the football across the goal line, Lila cheered them on. But she noticed something out of the corner of her eye: a strange man staring at her. What was his problem?

He had the audacity to speak to her.

“Hi. Do you know someone from the team?” he asked.

“I don’t talk to strangers,” she said. Immediately she regretted those words. I don’t talk to strangers? Where did that come from??

Regardless, the man seemed irritated after that; but it didn’t matter. The Llamas scored again, bringing the grand total to 8-7. Next was the kickoff, which brought the Llamas to a victorious end.

The game was over, and the Llamas had won their first game of the season.

After changing from his padded uniform, Nick greeted Lila. He still wore part of his helmet.

A few feet away, Doris paid her son back from the other night. Meanwhile, the odd stranger gave Lila a dirty look. Just another typical day in the lives of Nick and Lila.

The crowd continued to roar from the stadium. Cheerleaders began trickling onto the field, and Lila left; her eyes rolling to the sky in annoyance. Oh, how she hated stupid cheerleaders… she glanced behind her, seeing Nick’s eyes momentarily pasted to other things. Like legs… boobs… flat tummies and bouncy blonde hair… *gag

The llama mascot raced across the field, causing a few of the girls to lose their balance and topple over. Lila laughed in fiendish delight. (Can you say ‘evil trait’? Mwahahahahahahahaha…)

Nick dropped Lila and his mother off at the hotel, while he stayed in town to celebrate with Coach Brennan and the teammates.

Thankfully, Doris had her own room down the hallway.

As traveling fatigue finally caught up with Lila, she was relieved to be resting in her room; and what a luxurious room it was. 😀

Lila sat on the bed, thinking. She was glad when Nick told his mother he wouldn’t break up with Lila, and defended her. It made her feel good. She’d never had anyone stick up for her like that, not even her mother. And she certainly never expected it from Nick, back before she actually knew him as a person. As though she held the key in her hand, so much has been unlocked in his personality, wonderful traits and such that she’d never dreamed of. There was so much more to him than just a rich, empty-headed football star. It was shocking to find out that Nick Moore was, indeed, a human being.

Lila smiled; then Nick strolled through the door.

“Hey,” he said.

Lila lunged from the bed and looked at him more closely.

“What did you do to your hair?” she asked in disbelief.

“I got a haircut after the party.” He seemed quite pleased with it. But was she?

He paused in front of the sofa, his looks and pose cut straight from a magazine.

Oh yeah, she liked the new haircut.

Nick strutted forward and pulled her into his arms.

“I like your new haircut,” she said, melting in his embrace.

“You’re so hot,” she breathed. Now who was being empty-headed?

She kissed his cheek, while he whispered next to her neck. His warm breath and sexy tone cascaded over her skin like velvet.

“Lila, I’m so in love with you.”

And I’m so in love with you, more than I’ve ever been with anyone my entire life, she thought. But why couldn’t she just TELL him that? Why was it so damn hard? Either way, he kissed her; kissed her in a manner that could stop her heart… his tongue rushing into her mouth, the same way he’d rushed that football over the end zone.

Touchdown! Score!!

For the millionth time in the last several weeks, they made mad, passionate ‘woo-hoo’. This time they did it at the glorious Hotel a la Twinbrook.

But wasn’t there something she was forgetting? Hmmm

After making love, Lila changed into her nightie.

“Nick, do you think your mother’s okay in her room?” Why do I care? “I mean, I haven’t heard from her all evening. And that’s strange, you know, for her.” Again, why do I give a shit?

“I’m sure she’s fine,” he mumbled, half-asleep. Lila crawled into bed next to him.

“Nick, I’m sorry about wasting all that time in the mines the other day. I guess sometimes I forget that I’m not a kid anymore. I wish I wasn’t so childish sometimes,” she muttered. “I’m also sorry that we almost got run over by that train.”

Mmm-hmmm,” he grunted. Lila could almost visualize the Z’s floating above his head.

“I still hope your mother’s okay,” she said.

But Lila needn’t worry, for Doris was doing very well; standing outside their door and hanging on to every word they spoke.

Two days later, Nick and Lila returned home to Riverview. A celebration was thrown in Nick’s honor for his team’s winning game. Lila felt proud to be by his side, as fans screamed and most of the women were likely jealous of her.

Confetti bloomed like flowers, as fans released balloons into the air…

pink balloons, oddly enough.

“I’m so glad to be home,” Lila said. As soon as they entered the house, Nick and Lila had raced to the nearest sofa.

“Me too,” he replied, caressing her shoulder. A moment later he asked, “don’t you have a big game of your own coming up?”

“Yeah. Next week,” she said.

Meanwhile, Travis stood behind the sofa listening. After hearing a slight noise, Nick jumped from the sofa and hugged his son.

Lila marveled what a wonderful father he was.

A few weeks later, Lila ran into the media room. Her heart fluttered in excitement, for she had just learned some awesome news from the soccer coach.

“They named me most valuable player!” she shrieked, leaping into Nick’s arms. “And guess what else? The coach offered to pay for Lasik eye surgery, so I’ll no longer have to wear glasses! It’s like a bonus or something!”  

“That’s great, Lila,” he said. She pretended not to notice his lack of enthusiasm.

“Yay Lila!” Travis exclaimed. She threw her arms around the little boy. Happiness rose in her throat, resembling a warm lump. It was an odd feeling.

Everything was going so great. What could possibly go wrong?

The next morning, Lila had another game to play at the stadium. She had finally grown accustomed to the huge crowds there, and was no longer nervous about playing in front of all those people.

That morning, however, she despised playing in front of those people.

Her concentration was off. She lost the game, and was very disappointed in herself. It was bitterly ironic, considering she’d just been deemed MVP the day before.

After losing and enduring a stadium filled with jeering spectators, Lila strolled through the main corridor and mounted the stairs to the second floor.

Briskly, she walked into the public bathroom.

Lila bolted the deadbolt to ensure no one else could walk in.

Her fingers slid over her stomach, as she remembered what she’d forgotten in Twinbrook… 

Before leaving for Twinbrook three weeks earlier, she’d forgotten to bring along her birth control pills. Further, she’d forgotten to get her period.

Stunned by the revelation on the little white stick, Lila’s mouth went agape.

“If there ever were a time to say ‘oh, shit,’ this is surely it. So, oh-my-God, oh, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit… SHIT!!

So much for the Lasik surgery. Since I got pregnant, I’m going to be fired for sure. No more sports for me. Ah, well. I’ll always remember the Llamas…

Well, on the other hand, maybe I could tell the coach about the pregnancy AFTER the Lasik surgery?

Lila ran into Nick in the stadium corridor.

Oh, shit.

“Are you okay Lila? You act like there’s something wrong,” he said.

“No, I’m fine. Everything’s fine,” she quickly said. “I—I just lost a game is all.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“No problem. Things could be worse.” And are; but she wasn’t going to tell him that.


Chapter 16 coming shortly.


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