Chapter Five…

Nick’s Isle…

My, what have our main characters gotten themselves into now? Read on to find out. 😀


One sunny Saturday afternoon, Lila planted a random seed she’d found. Obviously desperate, she was bored and couldn’t think of much else to do.

Her boredom wouldn’t last much longer…

“Lila,” Auna called from the other side of the pool, “I’d like to speak with you for a minute.”

Boy, did this sound ominous.

Lila stared at Auna for a second before approaching her. She didn’t seem too happy.


“I hear that you’re going to the sports convention in a few days,” Auna said, sounding nonchalant about it.

Fear struck at Lila’s heart, for she forgot all about the convention. Of course! she thought. Auna’s ticked about me going with Nick to the con. Duh!

“Yeah, um, well, Nick said you didn’t want to go, so he–” Lila began.

“So he asked you to go,” Auna quickly finished. Was that nonchalance fading away? Perhaps fading into annoyance?

“I didn’t think you’d mind, Auna,” Lila said. Suddenly she felt like an eleven-year-old again, preparing for a sound scolding/thrashing from her mother.

“Why would I mind?” Auna replied, laughing maniacally. “My husband has the hots for his new sports project. Of course I wouldn’t mind.”

“Auna, Nick is not porking me. And if he tried, I wouldn’t let him,” Lila said, getting frustrated with the discussion.

Auna said nothing, only gazed at the pool. Lila went over and sat next to her lounger. Then the silence was broken, as Auna divulged something shocking.

“You know you’re not the first? Nick has a habit of chasing after all his new sports trainees.” Auna laughed, bitterly. “I should be accustomed to it by now.”

“Huh?” Lila asked, disbelieving her ears.

“You heard me,” Auna muttered. “And by the way, Travis told me about your little conversation with him on the camping trip. Since he now knows about your trip with his father, Travis is pissed off at you again, so don’t think you’re going to win over my son either.”

Stunned silent, Lila stared at the shimmering pool surface.

After thinking twice (and thrice) about going on the trip with Nick, Lila figured it was too late to change her mind anyway. So being the doormat that she was, she proceeded to pack her things.

The time flew (as time usually does), and it was time to leave. Lila headed to Nick’s awesome vehicle (courtesy of the amazing Fresh Prince from Mod The Sims).

“Did you remember everything?” Nick asked before getting in.

“I think so; I hope so,” Lila replied. She felt distracted, knowing Auna’s eyes were likely on her, peering through some window of the massive home. Her eyes could shoot torpedoes at Lila, turning her flesh into a greasy pile of putrid disgustingness… Lila cringed at the thought; then slipped into the convertible.

What am I doing? she thought as she sat in the car. Why am I going on this trip when his wife so obviously doesn’t want me to? And what about Travis? The last thing I want is for him to despise me again. Maybe I should just get the hell out of the car… nope, too late. Nick already started the engine.

“Are you sure you remembered everything?” Nick asked, backing the car down the driveway.

“Yes!” she snapped.

A few miles down the road…

“Why do I feel like we’re forgetting something?” Nick muttered.

“Wait a minute–what about the luggage that was sitting on the back of the car?” he added.

“Luggage? Oh yeah. It’s not there anymore,” Lila said, peering behind.

“*bleep bleep*.”

Nick did a U-turn and sped down the road searching for their things.

An hour later, they arrived at Port Riverview to begin their journey to L.A., California. (Author’s note: I believe that airplane came from TSR).

“I can’t believe you left our luggage on the back of the car,” Nick griped.

“Don’t blame me! You forgot about it too,” Lila said. That’s fine, she thought, take it out on me all you want. Just don’t call me ‘Elle the Smell’. If you do, I may just have to call you ‘Nick the *****’.

Moments later, Lila followed Nick as he boarded the plane.

“I feel nervous sitting on an airplane,” Lila muttered.

“There’s nothing to be worried about. I’ve been on thousands of flights,” Nick assured.

Somehow, it wasn’t quite reassuring enough…

“Remember the beginning of the first Final Destination movie?” Nick added, stifling laughter.

“Sicko,” Lila whispered.

Finally, an hour after the plane took off, Lila felt comfortable enough to open the shade on the window. Tentatively, she peered out and saw the beautiful sunshine and clouds.

Amazingly, the plane passed over Sunset Valley.

“Wow,” Lila said gazing out the window, “what a pretty place that is.”

“Yeah, looks a lot different than Riverview, huh?” Nick agreed.  

Wait a minute–did he just insult Riverview?

Another two hours passed. Lila realized that they should be getting very close to their destination, but there hadn’t been any message updates over the PA system. She thought it somewhat odd, but didn’t mention it.

She looked over at Nick, reading his face. He seemed very relaxed, not bothered in the slightest. By contrast, Lila was feeling nervous again.

Minutes later, as evening emerged, a couple behind them grew impatient.

“What is going on? Shouldn’t we be there by now?” the woman said.

Nick also got aggravated. “You know, that woman behind us is right,” he said; then stretched to look out the window. “Where the **** are we? This doesn’t look like California.”

“I–I don’t know,” Lila stuttered. Now she was really nervous. Her stomach churned.

At last, the PA system chimed in with a brief message: “Attention passengers, we seem to be having a slight problem at the moment.”

“No sh*t!” Nick said.

“Nick, do you smell smoke?” Lila asked.

Abruptly, most of the passengers leapt from their seats; including Nick. Acrid smoke drifted inside the plane, and an all-out panic ensued.

“Attention passengers,” the PA blared, “not only do we seem to be lost, but one of the wings is on fire; along with a fire just outside the cockpit. But just remain calm, and we’ll have these issues under control in a jiffy.”

An explosive tremor rocked the interior, and flames erupted outside the cockpit door.

“Lila!” Nick shouted amidst the passengers’ screams, “where are you?!”

“Um, right here,” she said after bolting over to him. Although she was nervous, she forced herself to be composed… making that brave trait kick in.

A panicked stewardess handed a fire extinguisher to one of the passengers.  He struggled to use it, fumbling with the nozzle; or something.  

“What’s happening?!” someone screamed.

Lila dashed toward the door to the airplane, indecisive on exactly what to do.

Nick followed.

“We have to jump out,” Nick hissed.

“No,” Lila cried, “I can’t do it.”

“Look, if we don’t do this, we’re going to die. Every second that passes, we’re in more danger.” Just as he said that, the plane trembled and shook. “There’s nothing but ocean down below. If we hold on to each other tightly, I think we’ll be okay. We’ll land in the water.”


“Lila, we have no choice.”

Hesitantly, Lila allowed Nick to enclose her in his arms. She returned his tight, hopefully life-saving embrace…

As the fiery plane plummeted into the sea,

Nick and Lila dropped into oblivion, miles upon miles through the late evening clouds toward their watery destination.

They fell too fast to notice the airplane, as it plunged into the sea. Another explosion erupted near the fuselage.

Nick and Lila crashed into the water, several miles from the obliterated airplane.

“Oh my gosh, that was so horrible,” Lila gasped, now struggling to swim. “My stomach felt like it fell to my feet when we were falling,” she added.

Lila had lost her cap during the fall, while Nick somehow lost his shirt… Lila felt extremely lucky not to have lost her eyeglasses, or her life.

“My God, where are we?” Nick asked, confused. It seemed like nothing but ocean forever, but they finally glimpsed a small island. “Over there,” he said, pointing.

Lila looked over, relieved to see land; any kind of land.

“Come on,” Nick said, “we have to hurry. There’s sharks right over there.”

Quickly, the two swam toward shore.

“I can’t keep up!” Lila cried.

“Well, you’ll have to try harder then! What was all that training for?” Nick groaned, not slowing down for her. Lila became angry, which helped propel her faster.

“See, I knew you could do it,” Nick said as they stood at the shoreline.

“Oh, go to hell.”

He pretended not to hear that.

Once they arrived a few yards onto the island, Lila allowed herself to collapse from exhaustion.

Soon, morning arrived. The entire thing reminded Lila of Bugs Bunny’s misadventures with Daffy Duck. “Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat!” Bugs would say, but he and Daffy always ended up in some far-off land. The plane must’ve made a wrong turn at Albuquerque, Lila thought. Then somehow caught fire on one of its jets, and then some.

“What are we going to do?” Nick asked Lila.

“I don’t know, Daffy. You’re the professional, you figure it out,” she sniped. Then she noticed a tiny seed in the distance. It was reminiscent of the seed she’d planted back home.

“Daffy?” Nick echoed, puzzled.

“I guess we’ll start with that seed,” she muttered.

Random pic above: an apparent clownfish; EA’s idea of a little joke. 😀

Now back to our story: how will Nick and Lila survive on the island? Chapter Six coming soon…

No Sims were harmed during the making of this story. How/why? Because the lot… err game wasn’t saved.


2 Responses to “Chapter Five…”

  1. The pictures in this chapter are so awesome! You did a really good job staging and editing. I’m amazed and jealous! 😀

    I’m really looking forward to reading more. I love sim stories and yours is a good one.

    • Hi Pentameter! Thanks! I’m glad you liked the pics! lol, I did work pretty hard on them, but it was fun at the same time. I like editing pics almost as much as writing! Thank you sooooo much again! Also, all I use to edit the pics is 1. paint (lol, mostly for the copying and pasting) 2. Gimp (free to download off the internet) 3. some editing program built onto my computer called ‘picasa’, I think. But ‘Gimp’ has most of the same features.

      If your blog accepts followers, I’ll be signing up for yours soon, along with Strelitzia19’s. Y’all are awesome! 😉

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