Chapter Forty-Two…

Chapter 42: Dark Secrets, Shadowed Minds. How dramatic!

lol, as for Darius, he’s gone mad as a hatter…

Lila leaned over and retrieved Bella from the high chair.

She could feel Darius’ eyes burning into her.

Please Nick. Try to call my cellular! Lila knew Nick would get suspicious if she didn’t answer. But God knows how long it’ll be before he gets the notion to call.

Nick and Travis stayed home to play video games together. Ah, Nick’s timing, she sarcastically thought, for she’d asked him to go with her and Bella, but he said he wanted to spend time with Travis that day…

“Just do everything I ask, and I won’t hurt you or Bella,” Darius muttered.

Wow, she thought, that’s comforting.

“We’ll leave the restaurant together,” he said in a low voice. “But slowly.”

He slipped the gun in his pocket and stood. Too bad it didn’t accidentally fire…

Outside the eatery, Darius followed Lila to his truck, making sure to stay very close to her.

Needless to say, it made her quite nervous. Her heart hammered in her chest, and she was afraid she might have a heart attack.

She paused, holding Bella tighter.

“C’mon, Lila,” Darius urged. His hand pressed against her back, nudging her forward.

“Okay, I’m going,” she fumed.

The truck headed down the road. Darius forced Lila to drive.

Lila had moved Bella’s carseat to Darius’ truck, where the baby sat between her mother and Darius.

“Where’s Kayla?” Lila questioned.

“She’s staying with my parents in the valley.”


“Where are we going?” Lila asked a second later.

“To my house in Sunset Valley,” he snarled. “I’ll navigate, so we shouldn’t get lost.”

“You’re going to make me drive all the way to Sunset Valley?” she said.


Fine, Lila thought. As long as you don’t hurt Bella or myself, I’ll drive all the way to Al Simhara if I have to.

Totally unaware of the threatening situation, Bella laughed and kicked in her carseat.

“Can I take off my coat and hat?” Lila asked. “I’m getting hot, and I’m sure Bella is too.”

“Go ahead, I don’t care. Just be careful. I’ll take Bella’s coat and hat off,” he replied. Then he turned toward Bella and removed her hat, and part of her snow suit.

“What are you going to do with us?” Lila worried.

“Nothing, if you behave your sweet self,” he said, almost smiling.

Lila felt totally creeped out.

Dawn erupted over the landscape, as the truck crossed the border to another town.


Sunset Valley was just on the horizon, along with the full moon and the majestic lighthouse beneath.

A few more hours passed, and they arrived in the sleepy, yet glamorous town.

The rising sun cast hues of reddish-orange across the sky.

“We’re almost there,” Darius said, as Lila slowed down the truck.

Lila didn’t say anything. She was utterly and completely exhausted from the trip.

For the last hour, Bella wailed from her carseat.

Ocean waves crashed against the beach, but Lila didn’t care to look. She was only worried about one thing: how the hell to get away from Darius.

Finally, Darius took Bella out of her carseat and held her. Lila wasn’t happy with the idea, but she knew an argument would be futile… and even dangerous.

At least the baby stopped crying.

The truck sped over a hill.

“It’s just around the corner,” Darius said.

Lila stared straight ahead, her tired eyes causing the road to look blurry.

Darius motioned to the right, and she pulled the truck into the next driveway.

They got out.

“Remember, don’t try to run off,” Darius said. “I still have the gun.”

I know; I know. You’ve already reminded me the entire trip.

She gazed at the house, not really seeing how nice it looked.

“Get in the house,” Darius demanded.

“This will be your and Bella’s room,” he said as they entered the second bedroom.

Lila went over to the bed and sat.

Darius stood in front of her, towering over her like a cold and intimidating gargoyle.

Yeesh. Lila shivered.

Lila avoided his icy stare, looking down at the floor. She asked in a trembling voice, “what are you going to do to us?”

“I just want what should already be mine,” he said;

then turned and headed out the door.

Darius closed the door and locked it.


“Darius, let us out! You can’t keep us locked in here forever!” she shouted, her panic finally sinking in. “Nick will come looking for us!”

“Darius! You bastard!

Minutes later, she finally settled down. She knew she had to, or else she’d scare Bella. The baby was already fussing a little and squirming against her.

Lila tried to hold back tears, but one slipped out.

At least she knew there was hope. Her cellular rang only a few hours after the trip began. When she looked at the ID, it was Nick. Darius told her not to answer, which was fine with her.

Lila glimpsed a light underneath the closet door.

What the–

She rose from the bed and placed Bella on the floor.

Her heart racing, Lila approached the closet.

Her fingers reached out to the handle, turning it.

The door fell open. Lila gasped.

A skeleton greeted her, its jaw twisted upward in an eternal grin.

It hung upon a mounted hook like a piece of clothing… or something.

The skull seemed to mock her, laughing at her predicament. Telling her how stupid she was for ever getting involved with Darius in the first place.

Somehow she knew the skeleton was once Darius’ girlfriend, the one he mentioned at the restaurant.

“I met someone in Sunset Valley,” he’d said. “But it didn’t work out. Kayla lost another mother, and I can’t handle losing another woman.”

Holy fucking shit.

Just before fainting, the closet seemed to close in as the skull’s color morphed into a reddish tinge.


Chapter 43 coming shortly… thanks for reading!! 😉


15 Responses to “Chapter Forty-Two…”

  1. Oooohh, hopefully old crazy bum Darius won’t hurt them, and Nick will come rescue her and Bella. It’s his turn to be the knight in shining armour lol. Bella is so cute too 🙂

    • hi Kim! Yeah, hopefully Darius doesn’t hurt them… hehe. I def don’t think he’ll hurt Isabella though. Yep, Nick has another shot at being Lila’s knight in shining armor! 😀

      lol, writing stories is soooo much fun 😛

      Thanks, Bella is a cutie! Like I said, I got lucky with her. I guess Nick and Lila are good breeders, haha.

  2. Holy fucking shit, indeed! I hope you won’t be offended if I tell you the skeleton in the closet made me laugh so hard. I love your story so much. I can’t even express it with the right words. xD

    As usual, I’m eagerly awaiting your next chapter. I can’t wait to see Nick’s side of this.

    • hahaha!!!! Oh, that’s no problem at all, these stories are partly based on humor anyhow! 😀 hehehe. I’m glad ya got a laugh out of it XD Awwww! Thanks Pentameter, I’m so glad you love it! So sorry it’s going to end soon… 😦

      At least the next chap will be quite long, I think. Then there’ll be one more chap after that. 😦

      You won’t have to wait too much longer, but I have to edit the pics. Man, chap 43 was a tough chapter to do (picture-wise).


      • Looking forward to the chapter, hopefully I won’t miss too much as I am going camping on sunday until thursday 🙂

        Holy shit! You’re going camping for a loooooooooong time! Well, I’ll try to get the next chapter up before Sat., or on Sat., so that shouldn’t be a problem. So you won’t miss that. Then the last chap I’ll probably have up around Tues. or so. so you won’t miss anything, not really.

        I hope you have fun on your trip! watch out for any bears. Lol, just joking. Hell, I don’t even know if there are bears where you live XD

  3. It’s only a few days, but I’m going to be sad that I won’t be back until Thursday, so I will be late reading the last chapter. No there aren’t any bears where I live lol, and the only animal that I know of that are going to be where we are going camping are seals lol 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so sorry about that Kim. I have an idea, though, maybe I could go ahead and make the last chapter but wait until Thurs. to publish it. How does that sound? 😀

      I didn’t think you had any bears around there, lol. In America they’re usually just up north, I think. IDK. My sister lives up north and she’s seen a bear or two. That would scare the crap outta me. 😛 Wow, you have seals near where you live?? That’s pretty cool. I’ve chatted with people from Australia before and they talk about koalas and stuff. And kangaroos. Where I live, we have a bunch of nasty bugs and that’s about it. lol. we live out in the country. 😀

      Have fun camping!!!

      • Awww that’s sweet of you to do, it would be great 🙂
        I’m in the uk so no bear, kangaroos, or anything like that, except in the zoos lol. Bugs, we have a lot of them though. lol 🙂

  4. Hi Kim, it’s no problem at all. Besides, the next chapter is around 100 pics I think, so that would be almost like 2 chapters in one. I think that could hold off everybody until Thurs. 🙂

    I thought you were in the UK but wasn’t sure. So you have bugs where you live too? In TX we REALLY have tons of ’em. Darn tropical-type climates. 😛 Well at least you know you’ll be safe from bears, kangaroos and koalas while you’re camping, hehe, since you don’t have any. 😀

  5. Holy Crap Kim! Thee famous FuryRed posted about my blog!!!


    I couldn’t believe it. Also, I have you to thank for that as well, since she followed the link from your page on the sims! 😀 so THANK YOU too!!!!!!

    Y’all are the absolute BEST!!! 😀 🙂 😉

  6. Yeyyy, I’ve just read the entire story of Lila and Nick, and now I have a numb arse >_< You've stolen several hours of my life by gluing me to my computer screen, but it was totally worth it. Sad to hear that the story is ending soon though 😦 but looking forward to the last couple of chapters 🙂

    • hi FuryRed! Wow, you read that suuuuuuper fast! lol about the numb arse, haha. 😛 Well I’m sooooo glad you liked the story! I couldn’t believe it when you posted about my blog on your ever-popular one!!!! Shit, now my views are up to almost 1000, just in ONE day because of you. Wow, I so totally owe you for this! You’ve given my blog so much exposure, it’s crazy. People are even checkin’ out my new blog too, but it doesn’t really have much at all on it.

      Yeah, the last chapter will be next Thurs., and chap 43 will be posted tonight or tomorrow. I managed to finish it, but just have to check spelling, etc. 😀

      THANK YOU AGAIN FURYRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol 😀

  7. Evil..Evil man loved the bones in the room can’t wait for the last few chapters

    • Hi Tissy21! Yep, Darius is indeed evil. Mwahahaaaaaaaaa… anyhow, thanks for reeading/commenting, and glad ya liked it! 😀

      By the way, thanks for adding me as a friend on the Sims!


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