Chapter Fourteen…


Chapter 14: Nightmare in Twinbrook Part II. Where we last left off, Doris Moore had crashed the ‘party’ between Lila and Nick. This leaves some very important questions, one of which is this:  WTF?


After ‘woo-hooing’ in the SUV, Lila and Nick hurriedly dressed. Lila knew they only had a couple choices: either find a motel fast, or wind up sleeping in the vehicle. Not that ‘woo-hooing’ in the SUV was much fun.

Lila climbed out of the vehicle to stretch her legs. Then she screamed in complete and utter horror…


“Oh my God!” she shrieked.

“What? What’s wrong now?” Nick asked.


“It’s your mother! Look!”

“Holy shit, you’re right. What the—-”

“Please don’t be mad,” Doris said.

“Doris, what are you doing in the back of Nick’s SUV?” Lila asked.

“I might’ve asked the same of you, dearie.”

“Explain yourself!” Lila demanded, glancing over at Nick for support. He only stared at his mother, disbelieving her very presence.

Doris gazed at her son, a pitiful look on her face. She didn’t acknowledge Lila.

“Please. Is it so wrong to want to spend more time with your son?” she said.

Lila looked at Nick. “You’re not buying this, are you?”

“For God’s sake, you were in the back the whole time Nick and I—Nick and I—-were doing it!” she fumed. “Do you have any idea how disgusting that is?!”


“Mother, answer Lila’s question. Why the hell were you in the back of my SUV? What reason could you possibly have for doing something like this? Do you know how crazy this makes you look?”

“I don’t want to make you or Lila angry,” she said, glancing at Lila. “But I broke into your car about an hour or two before you left Riverview. Son, I only wanted to talk to you about Lila, but you would never let me. This was the only way I knew I could talk to you,” she admitted.

“Did you hear that, Nick? This was the only way she knew to get you to talk! To try and break us up!” She laughed maniacally, having no idea how much she resembled the Joker.

“Mother, I think you need help… psychiatric help,” he suggested.

“How dare you. I do not need a shrink, thank you very much.”

“Uh, yes. Yes you do.”

“Uh, Nick,” Lila hissed. “It doesn’t really matter at the moment.”

“We need to worry about what we’re going to do now,” she said. “We’re completely lost.”

“Not exactly lost. I know we’re in Twinbrook,” he said.

“Yeah, but where at in Twinbrook? This seems to be a huge area. How are we going to find a motel? Or even the stadium for that matter?”

Nick shrugged, and motioned for his mother to join them.

Annoyed with Nick, Lila stepped away.

She couldn’t help but overhear his conversation with Doris.

“Mother, why do you want to break us up so badly?” he asked.

“I don’t think she’s right for you. You need to go back home and work this out with your wife,” she said.

“I’m not breaking up with Lila,” he said. “Especially because my mother is only worried about what others think.”

“I just want what’s best for you, and what’s best for my grandson,” she whined.

“It’s not going to work, so stop trying to—manipulate me, or whatever it is you’re doing. I don’t know why I even told you about Lila to begin with. I must’ve been outta my mind,” he griped; then stormed away from her.

“Just forget about her. Anyhow, I’m going to try my cell phone so I can call the motel and ask for directions,” he said.

Lila nodded, now hopeful.

Nick pulled his cell from his pocket and eyed the tiny screen.

“Oh, no.”

“What?” Lila asked.

“The battery’s too low,” he replied. “Shit! Why didn’t I charge it before leaving?”

“Is there a charger in the SUV?” Lila asked.


Nick turned around and took his frustrations out on his mother, booing her.

Nick, I really don’t think that’s going to help…

“You always did have a strange sense of humor, Son,” Doris muttered.

“I wonder what’s inside this old mine,” Lila said, absently strolling over to it.

Nick followed her.

“Lila, don’t even think about going in there,” he said. “We don’t have time for this.”

“I know.” She began pulling out the boards. “But I’ve always wanted to know what’s inside these things.”

“Danger,” Nick said.

“C’mon, Nick. Help me.” She twisted and yanked the boards loose, causing dust and debris to fly into the air.

She sneezed.

“Look,” she said, “a railroad track.”

“That’s because it’s a mine, Lila.”

“What’s that thing?” she asked, pointing. “Let’s go see.”

“Why are you afraid to fly in an airplane, but you’re willing to go into the pit of hell?” he asked.

“I lived in your basement for a few months, didn’t I?” she quipped. “Please Nick. I want to follow the tracks and see where they go!” she said.

Nick sighed, then the two climbed over a few more wooden obstacles to get further into the mine.

“C’mon, let’s keep moving,” she said, only pausing to look around for a few seconds.

“Lila, I told you we don’t have time for this,” he protested.

She ignored him and proceeded around a corner. Then she squealed.

“Look!” she said, straddling a ledge. “There’s an actual PIT down there! I have to see where it goes!”

Nick looked down. “Oh, my God.”

“Come with?” she asked, peering below her feet. Then she carefully slid down into the hole.

Nick followed.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said as he climbed down into the room. “You’re crazy, Lila. You know that?”

“What is this place?” he asked.

“A mine, remember?”

“I’ve never known a mine to be like this,” he said gazing around.

“Look at the size of that hole!” she exclaimed.


“Don’t worry. I’m not going to go into this one,” she said. She drew closer and peered down into the monstrosity.

“Be careful. You’re getting too close—”

“Ahhh!” she wailed, falling into the hole.

“…you know how clumsy you are,” he continued.

“Nick!” she screamed.

“Hold on!”

He bolted over to the hole. When Lila disappeared, he jumped in after her.

“Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt………..”

The hole merely opened to another level underground. They slid a few yards and landed on another set of tracks.

“Don’t call me clumsy,” she barked.

“Don’t get so close to holes.”

“Speak for yourself,” she said, stifling laughter.

“No time for dirty jokes either,” he said.

“Look over there,” she said. “Water. I wonder if there’s a spring down here or something?”

Once reaching the massive puddle, they paused and gazed at the tunnel ahead.

“Oh, Nick! This is so fascinating!” she marveled in excitement. “Let’s keep going!”

“Do I have a choice?”

Several steps later, they arrived at the cavern with the spring.

“This is beautiful,” she said, feeling water droplets sprinkle upon her skin. It was invigorating.

“My pants are getting wet,” Nick frowned.

They continued on a sharp incline, and found the end of the mine. Lila dragged Nick through the exit. Figuratively.

The outside stars were a welcoming sight. And this area had no fog to obscure their vision.

The tracks wound around a corner, and a boxcar sat ahead along with other odd paraphernalia.

They took a few more hesitant steps forward.

“It’s the spring,” Lila said, peering down into the cavern below a cluster of rocks.

“It’s awesome. Look, can we go back now?” Nick impatiently asked.

Lila gazed further ahead. “No. I want to follow the rest of these tracks.”

Nick’s lips tightened, as though trying to hold back sharp words.

Eventually, those tracks branched off onto a railway. A real railway, that led into a huge tunnel.

“I think I might know where we’re at now,” he muttered, gazing over the Twinbrook landscape.


“Yes. Coach Brennan mentioned the main Twinbrook railway ran just a couple miles from town.”

Lila turned to look in the direction Nick was.

It was Twinbrook, with the tiny motel barely visible in the distance.

“Well no wonder you know where you are now! You can see everything from up here!” she said, laughing.

Nick said nothing, but then the tracks began trembling.

Oh shit! A train is coming!

Lila and Nick ran into the tunnel.

The locomotive roared and whistled as steam poured from its exhaust. The tracks shook as the monster approached at a hundred m.p.h.

“Hurry Nick! It’s coming!” Lila shrieked as they darted through the tunnel. Her words echoed in the massive darkness.

“Damn, I think we should’ve jumped off the tracks. Now we’re trapped in here!”

“No, we’re almost to the end of the tunnel. Hurry!” she exclaimed.

The train raced into the tunnel, its sound deafening.

Nick and Lila emerged from the other side of the tunnel, running back to the mine tracks.


Seemingly hours later, Nick and Lila found their way back to the SUV. Both heavily panted.

Doris was waiting for them.

“Where have you two been?” she snapped.

“Outta my way, old woman!” Lila fumed, shoving past her to get to the vehicle.

“What’s wrong with her?” Doris asked Nick.

“Mother, we’re very, very tired,” he said.


Chapter 15 coming soon… and thanks for reading! 😉


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