Chapter Seventeen…


Chapter 17: Irreconcilable Differences.


November rushed into Riverview like a summer storm. Or else a very disobedient child running in and out of the house when there’s bees camped nearby.

Lila sat on the sofa playing a video game, while Nick sat next to her.

The look on his face was far from amused. Lila pretended not to notice.

“Lila, we need to talk,” he said.

“Not now, Nick. I’m almost up to the main boss.”

“Lila, we haven’t had sex in almost two months.” His tone took on a note of desperation.

“Look! Oh my gosh! The main boss looks just like Wesker from Resident Evil!” she enthused.

Nick peered over at her, looking very bewildered.

“Are you sure that Lasik surgery worked?” he asked. “That’s Eggman. You’re playing Sonic the Hedgehog, remember?”

Lila said nothing.

“Now will you answer me, about—” he began.

“Oh! It’s Claire Redfield!” she interrupted again.

“Never mind.”

On November the third, Nick met Audrey outside the courthouse. After the finalization of their divorce, they made small talk for nearly an hour.

“Nick, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for how all this turned out.”

“Are you?” he replied. “I mean, from the drug abuse to you filing for divorce, to you trying to get custody of Travis, are you really sorry?”


“No, I don’t want to hear it. I’m glad it worked out for you in rehab. I’m glad you quit using and drinking, but for once, why can’t you take responsibility for what you’ve done?”

“You screwed around on me,” she said.

“That was after you already filed, remember?” he shot back.

Auna flashed a slight smile. What the hell was it supposed to mean? Nick wondered.


That evening, Nick stared at the wall while his son packed.

“I don’t want to leave. I want to stay with you,” Travis complained.

“Trust me, I know how you feel,” Nick said. His voice broke.

“Why do I gotta go live with Mama?” Travis asked.

“What are you two doing in here?” Lila asked coming through the door. “You’ve been in here forever.”

“My son’s moving out,” Nick cried, clenching his fists in frustration.


“You heard me.”

“But why? They gave custody to Auna?” she asked. “Why didn’t you tell me this?”

“My attorney told me months ago that it was likely to happen, but I was hoping he’d be wrong,” Nick said. “Instead, I was wrong.”

“I said I don’t wanna go.”

“She’s coming tonight to get him?” Lila said, incredulous.

“Yes,” Nick sobbed.

“Dad, I don’t wanna go!” Travis shouted. Lila ran over to comfort him.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. But you’ll be back on the weekends, I’m sure,” she said as she embraced him. “He’ll be back on the weekends, right Nick? Right?” she asked. Nick’s back was turned to her, and he said nothing.


Lila went into the foyer and nearly stumbled into Auna.

“How could you do this to Nick and Travis?” Lila asked.

“I’ve already lost my marriage. I’m not going to lose Travis as well,” she muttered.

Lila stared at her. She didn’t know whether to agree with her, or kill her.

As dawn broke, Lila took an early morning swim in the backyard pool. All she wanted to do was clear her thoughts and try to relax. She wanted to get Nick’s heartbreak out of her mind.

He couldn’t even sleep the night before. He kept getting up at all hours and leaving the bedroom. Lila knew he was crying.

Maybe telling him about the new baby would help. Then she reprimanded herself. You can’t replace children, Lila! Then again, all she wanted to do was take Nick’s pain and—essentially erase it. And Travis wasn’t any happier about the new arrangement than his father.

Why was life such a bitch?

Later that night, Lila found out exactly how much of a bitch life could truly be.

She stood with Nick in the bedroom. For the last half hour, he’d been pacing. Obviously, something was on his mind. That made Lila a little nervous.

“This isn’t working,” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“I have to try working it out with Auna,” he blurted. “We have to work it out, so that Travis can come back. I—I’m going to ask Auna to move back in.”

“Wha—? No, you can’t do that.”

“I have to, Lila. I can’t live without my son.”

Tell him… TELL him! a voice shouted inside her head. But I can’t tell him! I don’t want him to only want me because we’re having a baby together! I only want him to be happy!

And I can’t be happy knowing only a child is holding us together… like him and Auna.

“Nick? Do you still love Auna?” she asked.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what else to do.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” she said.

“Lila, you and I have had problems lately.”

“What does that have to do with my question?” she asked.

“I’m only saying that our relationship is—flawed anyhow.”

Lila wanted to scream at him.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Lila said, struggling not to sob.

Nick grew quiet. But then he put his arms around her.

He stroked her shoulder and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

He leaned toward her, and she let him kiss her.

It was a deep, passionate kiss. Maybe the last one they’d ever share. And at that moment, she hated him.

So why couldn’t she shove him away? She couldn’t because she was weak and pathetic. At that moment, she also hated herself. Hated herself for falling in love with him, hated herself for believing him when he said he loved her, hated herself for getting pregnant.

It was one huge hate fest.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, “you don’t have to move out right away.”

I beg to differ on that.

After he collapsed in bed from exhaustion, Lila left the bedroom and ran down the stairs. Then she ran outside into the night air, allowing her tears and hurt to consume her.

As for Nick’s heartbreak, looks like he found a way to erase it himself. Erase the heartbreak by erasing ME right out of his life.  

After she put herself out on a limb and allowed herself to feel love, she got screwed. Big time.

Lila Elle Harris knew better than to trust Nick Alan Moore. Big time.

Her knees gave out beneath her, and she fell to the ground.

Damn, broken hearts sucked. Big time.

*sob*    😦


Chapter 18 coming ASAP. Consider this like a ‘finale’ because I was thinking about writing a prequel of sorts and uploading it to the Sims Plus, it would be on here as well (of course).

The prequel will be entitled Flashback, and will be about Lila and Nick’s relationship as teens, right before he moves away from Riverview for several years.

UPDATE: here’s a shortcut to the prequel:

I’ll be working on Chapter 18 shortly. Thanks for reading!


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