Chapter Ten…

Chapter 10… Mama’s Boy.

Who’s your daddy?

Auna moved out of the house only a week after Nick and Lila returned from the island. She left Travis with Nick, at least until she found a stable home and job; and perhaps a lengthy stay at a drug rehab facility.

Needless to say, Travis was devastated… but never blamed Lila for his parents’ break-up. He was never told about Lila and Nick’s relationship, and somehow they managed to keep it a secret.


One gorgeous day in August, Lila went to the hospital to meet her mother.


Lila was twenty-five minutes late. She had a mid-morning snack (of Nick) and lost track of the time.

It was her mother’s sixteen-week ultrasound appointment, and both were excited to learn the sex of the baby.

As far as it went for Lila’s relationship with Nick, she never mentioned it to her mother; yet. She was afraid of what her mother might think of her… Lila wasn’t even sure what she thought of herself.

Nick and Auna were due in court the next day to discuss custody of Travis… It had been several weeks, and Auna had found a stable job and place to live, and supposedly quit using drugs (or that’s what she’d told Nick. How could he find out for sure?). She was now a ‘good’ candidate to raise her son, and Nick was scared.


Lila meandered into the hospital corridor and paused. A feeling of dread permeated her, for her mother hadn’t been in a good mood lately. At… all… maybe that was why Lila was late to see her; like a subconscious thing? Either way, Lila proceeded to room number 3.


As soon as she entered the room, it started.

“Are you Lila?” Dr. Clopper asked.


“Then maybe you could talk some sense into your mother.”

No ‘hello, good to meet you’. No nothing, just demands from the get-go. Well, it’s nice to meet you too, doctor.


Lila glanced at her mother. Audrey’s eyes latched onto Dr. Clopper like leeches. That did not bring up an especially pleasant picture.

“Audrey, you must cut back on all your eating. You’re gaining too much weight, too fast. Now, I’m not telling you to go on a diet. That would be dangerous. I’m only telling you–”

“To stop being a fat pig, I know!” Audrey said, sneering.

“Lila, please tell her.”

“Uh, okay.” Like she’ll listen to anything I have to say.

The PA system blared a message for Dr. Clopper.

“Sorry, that’s an emergency. Gotta go,” he said dashing to the door.

Lila regarded her mother.

“Uh, Mom… what the doctor said—”

“Shut up Lila!”

“Fine,” she said looking away. “But there is something I need to tell you.”

“What?” Audrey snapped.

“You know how Nick’s wife is divorcing him?”

Audrey nodded.

“Well, I’ve been seeing Nick for the last few weeks… err, months.”

Audrey’s lips tightened. “I don’t approve, but it’s none of my business.”

Lila’s eyes widened.

She strolled over to the sonography machine, and traced her finger around the grainy, frozen image.

“So did you find out what it is?” Lila asked, excited. She was also glad to have changed the subject.

“A little boy,” she said, almost smiling.

“Oh, Mom! That’s wonderful! You’ve always wanted a boy!” Lila exclaimed.

“What are you wearing?” Audrey blurted. “I see you did something nice with your hair, but now you need to work on your clothes.”

Lila frowned. Well, you need to work on your weight, fat whale.

After seeing her mother, Lila stopped off at the store to pick up a few items.

Dang it, they never keep anything I want in stock, she groaned to herself as she searched for bannanas. Meh, all this stuff looks flat anyway. None of it fit to eat.

Hussy,” some old lady hissed. (Author’s note: don’t ask me what the **** is wrong with her eyelashes. Ask EA Games).

Lila turned to consider her.

Did she just say what I think she said??

“Hi dear! Aren’t you Lila Harris?”

“Y–yeah. Do I know you? And did you just call me a ‘hussy’?”

“Oh no, darling! Whatever gave you that idea? Anyhow, I’m Doris Moore, Nick’s mother.”

“Oh, well I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize you. It’s nice to see you.”

“I’d recognize you anywhere. You look exactly the same as you did as a child.”

Yeah, but what I want to know is why you called me a hussy.

“You must forgive me for intruding, but Nick has told me what’s going on between you two.”


“And I’m so worried. What will others think once they find out?” Doris asked.

“What goes on between me and Nick is no one else’s business! Including yours, Mrs. Moore!”

“But you must understand. We Moores have our reputations to consider. Nick is a world-wide superstar! If word of this got out, our family name would be ruined! You must break it off with my son!”

Lila said nothing.

“Oh, I blame myself for this mess. I was the one who talked your mother into asking you to move onto Nick’s land in the first place. I could just kick myself!” the old lady rambled.

Speechless, Lila turned and exited the store.

As if walking in a daze, she made her way to Nick’s car.

“What a day,” she grumbled. “I just went from one old bat to another.”

What exactly did Nick tell her???

The next evening, a storm churned. Lila walked out of the stadium after practice, and received a phone call.



“Hi Mom. How are you feeling?”

“I’m doing great! Guess what? Roger and I have decided to get married!”

“You’re—marrying Roger?” she muttered.

“Yes! Isn’t that wonderful? I’m so happy!”

“Mother, how could you marry that kid?! He doesn’t even have a job! Or a car! Or a life!”

“It’s time to play nice, Lila. Roger does have a life; his life is me and our son.”

“Mom, listen to me. I think you’re making a huge mistake!”



B*tch hung up on me… well, at least she’s in a good mood.

“Don’t worry about what your daughter or anyone else thinks,” Roger said. He pulled Audrey closer for a kiss.


That night, Nick and Lila sat on the upper balcony, enjoying the scenic expanse of Riverview.

…at least until the questions came.

“How did it go in court today?” she asked, a sinking feeling deep in her stomach.

“As well as could be expected, I suppose.”

He was quiet, didn’t elaborate. That sinking feeling fell right down to the soles of her feet.

She wanted to ask him about his crazy mother, but thought better of it.


Chapter 11 coming soon… Is Nick having second thoughts about his relationship with Lila? Will Lila be able to talk her mother out of marrying Roger, or will she only alienate her mother further? Will Doris Moore keep showing up in strange places to talk with Lila? Will Lila convince Nick to call the paddy-wagon on his social-climbing mother??


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