Chapter Thirty-Eight…

Chapter 38: Tomb of Doom, Part II.

Lila clutched her stomach as another contraction started.

“Ohhh, God it hurts,” she moaned.

She sharply exhaled, as if it might help with the pain. It didn’t.

“What are we gonna do?!” she wailed. “The pressure is so bad down there, I think it’s trying to come out now!

“Lay down and spread your legs,” he said.


“Damnit Lila, the baby’s coming. You need to lay down so I can deliver it.”

Instead of answering, she blew out a series of breaths.

Nick Moore? Delivering my baby???? she thought as another contraction claimed her body.

“Lila, it has to be done. You don’t want the baby to fall out onto the cold, stone floor, do you? Because that’s what’s going to happen if we don’t—”

“Okay!” she screamed, lowering to the floor.

Nick squatted down before her.

Lila clamped her legs back together and sat up.

“I don’t want it to come out!” she cried. “It’ll hurt!” She shoved him away.

“Lila, please don’t do this,” he begged. “If Isabella doesn’t come out, properly, she’ll die.”

Knowing he was right, she laid back down. Sharp spasms shot from her stomach down to her cervix. The pressure was unbearable, and the urge to push became… well, urgent.

This is it. I’m going to die.

“Why did you have to forget your cell phone again?” she groaned, once a contraction passed.


“So… should you start pushing yet?” he asked, trying to hide his panic.

“I don’t know… just feel around down there and see if the baby’s head is coming out. It feels like it is,” Lila said. Oh, God;  something the size of a huge fruit is fixing to pass through me…

Nick’s finger invaded her body, causing another contraction.

“Ow! Shit! Stop!” she yelled.

“Oh, my God,” he muttered, “I felt the head. She’s definitely coming out. I think you need to start pushing.”

Lila gritted her teeth, bearing down.

He smiled slightly when the baby’s head crowned.

Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow,” Lila chanted. Her body was being ripped apart. How pleasant.

Nick placed his hand on the baby’s head, gently easing her out.

Finally, relief washed over Lila like an ocean tide.

Isabella was out. Her tiny cries softly echoed in the room.

Nick removed his shirt and cleaned up the infant. Then he wrapped it around her to keep her warm.

Isabella’s tiny hand reached for Lila, as if she already missed being inside her. Then again, Nick really missed being inside Lila.

After wrapping her, he slid his hands beneath Isabella and picked her up.

Feeling like twenty pounds had been magically lifted, Lila tried to stand. Dizziness swept over her.

“Are you okay, Lila?” he asked.

“Aside from my insides falling out, I’m fine.” Lila scrambled to her feet.

She peered down at Isabella.

She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. An angel sent from heaven.

Intense feelings overwhelmed Lila, such as she’d never before experienced. A joyful lump rose in her throat. But fear soon replaced it, as she remembered where they were, and how they were trapped.

Nick must’ve thought the same thing, for he handed the baby over and leapt toward the door.

As the minutes passed, it became harder to stifle panic.

And then it just swung open.

Why it suddenly opened, they’ll never know. Lila didn’t really care, she was just ready to get the hell outta there.

Freedom was on the horizon.

They made it outside, and began the long walk toward home. Hopefully, a kind stranger would pass and give them a ride…

Either way, Lila glared over at Nick, blaming him for the earlier predicament. Daffy, Daffy, Daffy.

He looked over at her. “It’s not my fault. It was your idea to go down there. Just thank God that Isabella is fine.”

She had to agree with that.

A Sloppy Jalopy veered around a corner.

OMG… it was Roger, Lila’s 21-year-old ‘stepfather’.

Roger pulled up, then rolled down the window.

“Dudes, what are you doing out this late at night? And what’s up with that baby?” he asked; stupidly.

The small family piled into the car.

“We had a little problem down in the catacombs,” Nick explained. “Lila went into labor, and I delivered our baby.”


“Congrats. Oh, and by the way, I know of a way you could repay me for this ride,” Roger said with enthusiasm. “I need a place to crash for a few days. Audrey threw me out.”

Lila gasped.

Instead of taking Lila and Isabella straight home, Nick suggested they be dropped off at the hospital.

Once they were examined by a doctor, Lila and Isabella were cleared to go home.

As dawn broke, the foursome arrived home.

The first thing Lila did was change her clothes. 


She carried Isabella into the living room.

Terrific. Nothing like tripping over your feet with a newborn in your arms.

Britney Spears anyone?

She sat with the baby as the morning light cascaded through the windows, creating a beautiful picture. Except for the look on Lila’s face, of course.

Minutes afterward, Lila carried Isabella into the nursery.


Lila cooed to the infant, as Isabella formed a cute ‘o’ with her mouth.

Back in the living room, Lila sat down and glanced at Nick. He seemed to be off in his own little world of thoughts, probably wondering how long Roger planned to stay.

“So… exactly how long do you plan to stay?”

“Just a few days. But it depends on how long your mother acts like a douche bag. By the way, nice digs.”

“Uh, thanks.”


“So why did Mom kick you out?” Lila suddenly asked.

“Well she says I don’t help out enough. So I change Preston’s diaper or feed him a bottle, then she says I’m not doing it right. So I go play a video game… by the way, Modern Warfare is killer. Anyhow, so then she bitches that I’m playing on the XBox too much…”

blah, blah, blah, Lila thought.

Lila glanced at Nick. He looked a little annoyed.

“So anyhow, that was just pure luck to catch you guys on the road like that,” Roger continued. “I’m glad I did, cause now I have a place to crash; and an awesome one at that.”

Blah, blah, blah. Oh, God… how long am I gonna have to deal with this?? Lila wondered. No wonder Mom kicked him out.

“Roger,” Lila interrupted his ramblings, “would you like me to show you the guest bedroom?”

“Sure. Why not?”

They rose from the sofa and headed upstairs.

Lila didn’t hear Nick’s grumbling.

“Here it is,” Lila said.

“Thanks Lila. Wow, you don’t know how much I appreciate this.”

“If I had to stay one more second and listen to your mom bitch, I—”

“Yeah, yeah. Well, I’m glad you like the room, but I gotta go. I’m exhausted,” Lila interjected. She turned and rushed out of the room.

She went into the master bedroom across the hall.

Shit, that bed looks soooo inviting, she thought. Even her bones felt weary.

Nick entered the room.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m sure he won’t stay any longer than a few days.” I hope.

“It’s no problem. I mean, yeah, Roger’s annoying, but I’m just glad you and Isabella came through okay.” He smiled, it was a grin that could melt Lila into a puddle of nothingness.

“How do you feel?” he asked, caressing her cheek.

“Oh, pretty good now.”

“We have a gorgeous little girl,” he softly said.

She gazed at him for an eternity; then said, “I know.”

He leaned closer, closer…


Thanks for reading, as always! ♥    Chapter 39 coming shortly.


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  1. Awwww I’m so glad Lila and Isabella are ok, and that Nick managed to deliver her safely. I lol’d when he said “Lay down and spread your legs,”, I knew exactly what was going through your head 🙂

    Nick and Lila are pair of horny buggers lol, she’s only just had the baby and they are already at it lol. Poor old Roger is getting under everyone’s feet, wonder how long they will have to put up with him for. 🙂

    Great update, and great editing/pictures. 🙂

    • hehehe… I just couldn’t resist putting that part in 😛

      LOL, they sure are! And maybe Roger will only stay a few days or so… Maybe Audrey will drop by soon also, and ask Lila why the hell she’s letting Roger stay there. 😀

      Thanks Kim! Much appreciated! 😉 glad ya liked it!

  2. lol, hopefully she will. Lila and Nick need as much alone time as they can get, what with Isabella being around now. 🙂

    Chapter 20 of The Stone’s is up too 🙂

    • I hear ya. But then again, you know there must always be plenty of drama too. hehe. XD

      thanks for letting me know! I’ll check it out! 😀

  3. Sorry it took so long to commment, I read it really late last night and just couldn’t make myself do it 😛

    I’m so glad Isabella and Lila were both ok, who knew Nick could be responsable in that situation 😛

    Roger is going to be a pain, that much is obvious, I can’t wait to see what happens next 🙂

    • Thanks PlayerRac2, it’s no problem though. 🙂 I don’t expect y’all to comment every chapter! So no worries at all. 😀 😉

      Yes, I wouldn’t write a chap where they’d get hurt, at least not much; especially not the baby. lol, she’s so cute 😛 Yeah, Nick can be a hero when he wants to, lol.

      Roger IS a pain in the ass. Anyhow, I think you’ll like the next chapter! Thanks for reading/commenting again!

  4. AUTHOR’S NOTE: sorry guys! I WILL update again soon. I know I usually don’t take this long, lol. I will try to get chapter 39 up on the 13th. 😀 😉

    ETA: nevermind. it’s up now.

  5. did uplode their house cuz i reallyyyyyyyyyy want it lol

    • well no I haven’t uploaded it, lol you’re the only one who’s showed interest as far as I know. OK I’ll upload it and show the link here and on home page.

      NO bad cc should be included in the lot, I have no mods and got rid of the ‘evil’ doll long ago…. 🙂

      • Edited to Add: lol, I’m sorry Teeteekay, but the stupid launcher wouldn’t let me upload the house, it said ‘system error has occurred’. I tried like 3 times to upload it to the exchange. 😦 I am soooo sorry…

        Stupid sims 3 bugs. 😦

  6. Lol its fine with me same thing happens with me….ohh and do you have a Sims 3 account

    • lol, sorry again though. That’s actually the first time I’ve gotten that stupid error, I wonder if it’s because the house contains too much cc and other stuff… hmmm. Anyhow, yes I have a Sims 3 account. Here’s the link to my page:

      if you also have an account, friend me on there and I’ll accept! 😀

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    • Ohhhh, I’m so sorry, I’m also out of simpoints. lol, I only have 5 left of my own, but if I had more I promise I’d gift you something… I go through those things like crazy. But I tell ya what, I should get more around Sept. 1, and I’ll give you something then. But I’ll probably only get about 1000 worth, so I can gift you something around 100, if that’s okay. What did you want?


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  10. Okk im really into your story

  11. ya and soon im going to start a story dont what it will be about

  12. Nah i would prob get it all messed up lol

    • haha, that’s what I used to think when I first started. It didn’t take long to get the hang of it, though. But I don’t blame you, sometimes it can be a pain whenever the blog acts stupid and it gets slow on uploading the pics, or something else happens, like an HTTP error 😛

  13. Lol anyway im Doing the 100 baby Challange Lol wish me luck

    • Cool! Good luck with that!!! 😀

      By the way, I hope you’re TrisatanKeegan on the Sims (i’m pretty sure you are, lol) because I just gifted you the worldly goodies. I got my simpoints earlier than expected. yay!


  14. Ok and THANK YA

    • Welcome! 😀

      oh, and about that 100 baby challenge, LOL I don’t think I’d ever be able to do one of those XD it seems IMPOSSIBLE to me, at least without cheats!

  15. Lol ya it hard lol oh what if Lila and Nick did the 100 baby challange O_O lol

    • that’s like one of the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, lol!

      and tempting… but then I won’t have time for my new story!!


      but you still got me thinking it over… WTH

  16. ya lol i bet nick would like it XD

  17. bahahahahahahahaha!!! That’s true! XD

    Funny stuff 😀

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    • Oh, ok; that’s what I need to do. I may go ahead and do that, but not make a story out of it. Just something to do until Late Night comes out, aside from doing the occasional update to my new story Bloodlust. 😛

      Of course, I’ll have to take some pics of Nick and Lila’s 100 kids, and post them somewhere on this blog, haha.

      Good luck on your 100 challenge! 😀

  20. Thank ya i already finished lol

  21. ya but im like awsome at writing im starting up a story about this family that went on vaca but on there way back they end up crashing someplace

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  23. its ok lol must be that the launcher hates the house XD

    • I hear ya. I’m sorry again. I don’t understand it. Maybe I have too much crap in the house and should try uploading without furniture, but then what would be the point of that? 😦 stupid glitches.

      lol, it looks like we have our own thread on here. 😀

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    • Kewl 😀 are you going to get that new town Barnable Bay? I’m not sure when it comes out. I think it’s like $16 in sim points or something. Doesn’t look worth it to me, lol. >_<

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    • Yeah, it doesn’t look like much. LOL I just realized I spelled it as ‘Barnable Bay’ instead of ‘Barnacle Bay’. How embarrassing, I hate it when I make mistakes like that. 😛

      The sets might be cool. I’ll check those out too. But yeah, I don’t think the world will be worth almost $17. 😛

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