Chapter Thirty-Four…


Chapter 34: Eternal Spring

Meh, one of those times I couldn’t think up a chapter title.

CAUTION: this one contains naughty content. Very naughty content… and pay no attention to that brown flower in Lila’s hair. I keep removing it, but it keeps coming back (same with Nick’s wedding band, haha). Cue Twilight Zone music.

As late evening arrived, so did Lila’s hunger.

She plundered around in the kitchen for something to eat, deciding on mac n’ cheese.

Music emanated from the next room. Nick must’ve turned on the CD player.

The song was Where Do You Go, by No Mercy. It had a catchy beat to it, with a Spanish flair. It was Lila’s favorite when she was about ten.

You gotta break the silence, don’t keep me waiting. Just like a river flowing to the sea, you’re running back to me; come hear what I’m saying. ♫

Nick drifted up to her, edging his arms around her.

Where do you go, my lovely; where do you go. I wanna know, my lovely.

His hands migrated upward. Suddenly, Lila didn’t feel so hungry. That hunger was replaced by something else; a different kind of hunger.

Nick kissed her cheek.

Lila forgot about her dinner, and she leaned back against Nick.

His hand caressed her shoulder, while the other caressed something else.

Then they slid down to her tummy.

“I never want to be without you, Lila. Ever again,” he said. He nudged her around to face him.

Nick backed her against the counter, kissing her.

Oh, baby yeah, Lila thought. 

Lila had been living with him for almost  a week, and in that time they hadn’t done it. She’d been too depressed. Now, that depression seemed to have lifted.

“I’m dirty,” he said. “I need a shower.”


“Yeah. Care to join me?”

“Sure.” Lila grinned, following him through the massive house to the guest bathroom…


Yeah, she reasoned to herself, it’s time to get on with my life… with Nick.

The water shot from the shower head, massaging their bodies like thousands of fingers.

Nick grunted and moaned while they kissed, running his hands all over her.

Lila’s fingernails dug into his skin, but he didn’t seem to notice.

However, Lila noticed how ready he was for her. It was hard not to…

Thus, she let him lift her up until she straddled his mid-section. Her backside pressed against the shower stall, Nick gave her his all, and then some.

That evening, all was not quiet inside the guest bathroom. Quite the opposite.

Thankfully, Travis had spent the night with a friend. Otherwise, the poor kid woulda thought someone was being murdered in the bathroom.


Thirty minutes later, they drifted to sleep.

Lila was awakened by a slight cramping. She clutched her stomach, fretting about the baby.

The next morning, Lila went in to see her doctor.

Once the exam was finished, Dr. Parks called Lila and Nick back to her office.

Lila sat, feeling like she was in the principal’s office at school. Any moment, she’d be sent to detention.

“Upon examination, the nurse found your cervix to be slightly dilated. The early contractions have caused this.”

Lila and Nick stared at the doctor, speechless at first.

“So—what about the baby? Is she okay? Am I going into early labor?” Lila worriedly asked.

“To prevent early labor from occurring, you must be on bed rest for the next two months,” she replied.

“You mean I have to be hospitalized? For TWO months?” she asked; then glanced at Nick.

“Well, I can hire a private nurse so you can stay at the house. Is that okay, Dr. Parks?” Nick asked.

“Yes. In fact, I’ll contact one of the nurses here before you leave.”

Nick nodded.

“And there’s something else,” Dr. Parks continued. “For at least the next two months, you cannot  have sexual intercourse. Only bed rest, strictly. So be prepared to gain a little weight. Try to eat a low fat diet, with low sugar. That should help. And eat plenty of fiber. You’ll also get constipated.”


After returning home, Nick pulled out a lounger to be Lila’s resting spot for the next sixty days. 

It would be sixty days of hell, Lila was sure. But of course, Isabella was worth it. By far.

Constipation, weight gain, no sex. This was what she had to look forward to. But again, Isabella was worth it…

“Stop looking at me like that,” Lila said.

“You know what the doctor said. No sex,” Lila added. She knew that wide-eyed look…

It was the same look he’d given her months ago when they got lost in Twinbrook. As far as she knew, that could’ve been the night they conceived Isabella.

Just then, the private nurse strolled into the room. She’d followed the couple to their home after Dr. Parks spoke with her.

“Lila, this is Jeanette. Your nurse,” Nick introduced.

“Nice to meet you,” Lila said.



                      *Lila’s current POV, and POV for the next two months*

Lila prepared to stretch her legs, when Travis and Susie Broke ran into the room.

How cruel, Lila thought. Susie’s family was… well, broke, and Travis brought her to this huge, expensive mansion to visit. Rubbing it in much?

“Lila, is there a baby inside your stomach?” Travis asked.

She stared at him a moment, then replied: “uh, yeah.”

Holy shit, why did he ask that?!

“See, I told you!”

Travis and Susie took a few steps away from Lila, and began whispering.

“Grandpa said Daddy planted a seed in there. That’s where the baby came from,” he said.

They giggled; but then Susie said, “you think babies come from seeds?”

“No. Mama says they come from sex.”

They laughed again.

Lila narrowed her eyes, looking down.

Damn kids.

Speaking of kids, Lila made a mental note to call Darius tomorrow. She missed seeing Kayla.

…did she miss Darius as well?

Nah. Or wait a minute… did she?


Chapter 35 coming in a few days. Thanks for reading! ♥ ♥


8 Responses to “Chapter Thirty-Four…”

  1. o.o Poor Lila, good to see Travis back though 😛
    Nick… you dog 😛 Not home a week and he does THAT!
    Loved it, does she miss Darius? Wow, now I’m going to be all hyper till I find out 😛 It’s worth it, this is one of the best things on the whole net 😀

    • lol, lol, lol about Nick bein’ a dog. And glad you’re happy to see Travis again! I changed his hair… 😀

      She might miss Darius a little. After all, they were together for… maybe a few weeks? lol. but they’ve known each other for a few months or so. Anyhow, THANKS!!!! I really appreciate the wonderful compliments about my blog!!! So awesome!


  2. Awww I am glad Lila and Isabella are going to be OK, it must suck having to spend two months not doing anything. Great update, as always. Loved the bit with them in the shower, very very naughty lol. I loved the song Where Do You Go, by No Mercy when I was younger, Nick must have put it on to get Lila in the mood haha.

    Can’t believe she thinks she is missing Darius too, it’s probably just because she is settling into a new routine with Nick after having Darius and Kayla around for so long. It’s going to take a while for her to get used to.

    Looking forward to the next chapter 🙂

    • Hi Kim 😀 Yeah, it would suck. I’ve had to do that IRL, and it’s beyond booooooring. lol. Thanks, I’m glad ya liked it! LOL, glad ya liked the shower scene too. *blush*, for more reasons than one. hehe. That’s it, that’s exactly why he put that song on 😀 I always loved that song too. I can’t believe it came out in ’96 (that’s what I read), makes me feel so damn old…. no, I’m not going to say my age! lolz.

      Yeah, it’s just because she’d been around Darius and Kayla for a little while, and at one point she really thought she loved Darius, and definitely loves Kayla. Like you said, it’ll take a little while to get used to things again.

      Thanks Kim!!!!!! 😀

  3. Iv’e never had to have complete bed rest while being pregnant, thank-god, it would drive me insane. I’ve had to stay in hospital overnight after having my son, but I cam straight home with my daughter, just hope the next one goes the same. 🙂

    I was only 9 then when that song was released, seems such a long time ago lol. 🙂

    • LOL, it made me kinda batty a few times. I had to do it with my first (hospitalization for two months) and with my second (that time for only one month). Around here, they make you stay in the hospital for a couple days after giving birth. Actually, I always kinda liked that part, lol. It was the only time I got rest. 😀 but good luck with your next one! 😀

      That’s cool. You’re about the same age as the main character, lol! And it DOES seem like such a long time ago! 14 years!!! Of course, great songs are timeless. 😀

  4. Loved the shower scenes! You continue to wow me with your photos. That’s half the fun of reading your story. 😀

    Bed rest is not fun. I’ve never been pregnant, but I’ve had two back surgeries so I know a little something about laying around all day. xD

    • Hi Pentameter! Thanks, I did work quite a while on those. It took forever to get one just right, the rest weren’t so bad… There’s also a mirror in the shower, so I worried if that would throw some peeps off, lol. But I usually enjoy the photo edits 🙂 especially the dirty ones, haha. 🙂

      Yeah, bed rest is a BORE. I’ve had back surgery as well (when I was a teen). At first bedrest isn’t so bad, but it gets old after a while. LOL about laying around all day, I kinda do that now, but I’m not on any bedrest. Just lazy. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! lol. 🙂

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