Chapter Thirty-One…

Chapter 31: Redemption

Caution: there will be some offensive language in this one.

This chapter will be told from both Nick’s POV, and Lila’s. Also, this chapter’s a little shorter than the others, so that’s why it didn’t take too long to post this.

Enjoy!  😉

That morning began just as any other. What happened later that evening would change everything.

How do you forgive the unforgivable? What turns a villain into a hero? How can one redeem their many sins?

Maybe Lila would soon find out…

“I can’t believe I sprained my ankle in that last game,” Nick complained. “Because of me, we didn’t make it to the play-offs.”


Nick gazed over at Lexy. “What’s wrong? You’ve been quiet all day.”

“Nothin’.” She continued to quietly drive to their destination.

Nick looked out the window, his thoughts on someone other than Lexy.

Thirty minutes later, Lila headed to town to go shopping.

As she drove, thoughts of Nick crossed her mind. For instance, she always knew they were from two different worlds. He was the popular football jock (always was), and she still felt like the nerdy, unpopular teen. At times, those worlds would collide; but always leaving her with a broken heart and spirit.  

And how he infuriated her, particularly after the last time they spoke. How dare he bitch at her for hitting Lexy! He didn’t have a right. If he weren’t a whore in the first place, it never would’ve happened.

But on the other hand… she and him were broken up. He’d asked her one last time to come back, and she refused due to pride. Maybe his only flaw was stupidity, for getting Lexy pregnant… well, one of his flaws.

Lila turned on Eve Street; the exact same street where Lexy was approaching.

Lila peered in the rearview mirror, watching as Nick and Lexy pulled up behind her.

Great. Just great, she thought.



“There’s the queen bitch herself,” Lexy muttered.

Nick glared at her, but didn’t say anything.

Suddenly, Lexy shattered her silence with a barrage of crazy talk.

“Tonight looks like a great night to kill three birds with one stone,” she said.

Nick’s eyes widened. What the—

“If you don’t want me, you’re not going to have Lila. You’re not even going to have your life,” she said, her words scaring the shit out of him.

“What are you talking about?”

“‘I’ll always love and want you Lila,'” she said, quoting Nick’s words from the other day. “‘Lexy is just a rebound thing.'”

“Oh. I didn’t mean that,” Nick lied.

“Yeah, sure. You know what? I’ve been in love with you since I was fourteen years old. That’s why I joined the cheerleading squad, but you didn’t notice me. I turned gothic, hoping you’d notice me then. Nope, still didn’t work. And now, I’m pregnant with your baby… and you STILL don’t notice me!”  

She slammed on the gas. The car lurched forward. She slammed on the gas again, this time not releasing the pedal.

“Slow down! You’re going to hit Lila’s car!”

“That’s the idea,” she laughed.

“Oh my God! What are you doing?!” Lila cried.

The SUV careened toward her, slamming into her bumper.

Nick thrust his hand against the dash.

Lexy pressed the gas down to the floor, propelling Lila’s car forward. It veered toward the intersection as another vehicle pulled out.

“Stop, you crazy fucking bitch!

Lexy chuckled.

The SUV shoved the car forward at nearly fifty m.p.h.

Nick never saw the tear glide down Lexy’s face.

A second later…


The car smashed into the side of the van.

Lila shot toward the windshield.

Nick also shot forward, his head hit the dash. Rendered unconscious for a few seconds, he slowly came to.

It took a second to remember what happened.

He glanced at Lexy. Apparently her head had smacked into the windshield, and then into the side window when the SUV jostled on impact. She was slumped against the window, very still, and Nick was afraid she was dead.

Nick reached over to feel her neck for pulse. It fluttered weakly against his thumb.

He got out of the SUV, rubbing his head and neck. Disoriented, he almost forgot about Lila.

Then he noticed something that could sign all their death warrants…

Gas leaked from the van, as a flame erupted under Lila’s car.

“Oh, holy shit.” He glanced in the SUV at Lexy, whom he knew was still alive. Was Lila? It was time to make a quick decision.

Save Lila first, or Lexy? Lila’s car will be first to go… act fast. Thoughts raced through his mind, but he managed not to panic.

Bolts of agonizing pain shot up his leg, but he wasn’t about to let a sprained ankle stop him from saving the love of his life.


On the other side, he glimpsed some people standing around the wreckage.

“Why the fuck are you just standing there?” he screamed. “If you can’t help out, then get fucking lost!” He spun around and bolted to the car door.

“Sorry! I was the driver of the van!” a woman shouted in defense.

Nick ignored her.

“There’s a fire truck just up the road!” Someone yelled.

“I don’t have time! I have to get her out right now!” Nick yelled back.

He pulled the door lever, but it was locked.

Shit, shit, shit!

Smoke from the other side drifted higher into the air. The fire was spreading.

Finally, he began to panic. He banged on the window, trying to bust through it.

It shattered, and he reached in.

“Lila! Damnit, wake up!”

She groaned and moved, but didn’t fully awaken.

Ignoring the pain as glass shards scraped his skin, Nick unlocked the door from the inside. Then he pulled it open and climbed in. He could no longer feel his injured ankle.

“It’s okay,” he soothed. “I’ll get you outta here.”

She moaned in pain.

With one hand, Nick grasped her foot. With the other he supported her thigh. Then he dragged her out of the vehicle.

As a police car pulled up, Nick cradled Lila in his arms and carried her to safety.

He gently laid her on the pavement.

An officer ran over to assist her, after calling 911 on the radio.

“There’s still one more!” Nick called out, staring at his SUV. Smoke poured from Lila’s car. It was only a matter of seconds.

An explosion shook the ground.

To his astonishment, the SUV was the first to go, with Lexy in it. He’d been wrong in thinking that Lila’s car would be the first to explode.

His astonishment faded into numbness.

The second explosion caused him to back up. A huge fireball shot into the air.

Both vehicles were now gone. The only one left standing was the van.

Nick went back to Lila’s side.

Ambulance and fire sirens echoed in the distance.

His numbness dissipating, Nick sighed with relief.

She’s going to be okay. Lila’s going to be okay…

Saving another’s life. Sacrificing yourself for another. Maybe that’s what turns a villain into a hero; a devil into an angel.


Chapter 32 coming soon…  ♥


11 Responses to “Chapter Thirty-One…”

  1. Is it wrong of me to be so happy that Lexy’s car exploded? xD

    I loved this chapter. So exciting and suspenseful. It was all action-packed and stuff. 😀

    How the heck do you find the time and motivation to update so regularly? Most sim stories I read hardly even update weekly and you manage it like every other day. xD

    • Nah. On one hand it does seem mean, but on the other hand… she got what she deserved, lol. I feel the same way. 😉

      Cool, thanks. I was trying to make it exactly like that: suspenseful. 😀 Glad ya liked it!

      lol, good question. I think the more I do it, the faster I get. I used to update only about once every 5 days. Then as time went on, I just got faster. I’m also REALLY addicted to it; once I find my muse or whatever, and like a particular story idea and characters, I can’t stop. 😛 as for the time, a lot of times I don’t have it. but when I do, that’s when I haul ass, lol.

  2. 0.0 How on earth do you do it? That was AMAZING! All that tension… it was just…. wow 🙂

    I’m glad Lila is ok, and that Lexy is gone… but still shew was preggers 😦 But I just attached like that, being in a BC lol 🙂

    Loved it as always 😀

    • hi PlayerRac2, thanks so much! I really appreciate that. 😀 I’ve had a lot of practice with sim stories… I once did 60 or 70 chaps on Sims 2 of a series. hehe.

      I know what you mean about Lexy being preggers. It was very early on, but still… she did deserve what she got (in a way) but the baby didn’t, of course. that did bother me some too when I made the vehicle explode. I wasn’t going to do it like that at first, but then changed my mind. I did want to get Lexy out of the picture. But I will say this: she was pregnant in the story, but not really in my game. 🙂 maybe that will help.

      Thanks again!!

  3. OMG, what a great update. Poor old Nick not knowing who to save first, I knew he would save Lila though and I am glad that he did. I do feel for Lexy though, she wasn’t just being a bitch and was just hoping Nick would finally notice her instead of Lila. I hope both Lila and Isabella are going to be OK!!!

    Great editing in your shots too 🙂

    • Hi Kim! Thanks! 😀 yep, at the end I made it to where the reader would feel a little sorry for Lexy, lol. It was kinda sad.. but like I told PlayerRac2, I just wanted her out of the story once and for all, plus thought it’d be more dramatic for this chapter. At first I was going to keep her in the story. Don’t worry, I think Lila and Isabella will be ok.

      Thanks! glad you enjoyed the pics. I try, lol. 🙂

  4. I’ve always felt kind of bad for Lexy.. I mean, she loved Nick for a long time, but he never loved her back. Even when they were together, he still only liked Lila. But I’m pretty happy she’s gone now. Yeah, go to B*tchVille, Lexy!

    • Hi Julia 😀 I agree, it is kinda sad. lol, sorry to have her die in that way, that was pretty messed up. But it was worth it to get her out of the story. It is also sad how she always loved Nick, but he ignored her; but still wrong of her to use Lila the way she did, knowing Lila was pregnant with his baby. Lol, this sounds so much like a soap opera.

      lol, yeah Lexy’s in B*tchVille! 😀

  5. I just wanted to thank y’all again for the awesome comments and compliments. 🙂


  6. I’m glad that they are going to be OK, look forward to the next chapter as always 🙂

    I updated yesterday, just to let you know as from the next chapter the family will look different because I caved in and downloaded CC skin, the new Asian one and new eyes as well. I love it, and I will be posting pictures of what the family look like with the new skin on my forum thread over at TS3

    • Thanks Kim!

      Cool, I’ll check all that out. Glad ya found some awesome skins. I’m too chicken to download anything like that. Seems like every time I download anything, my game goes batshit, lol.

      Thanks for letting me know! 😀

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