Chapter Thirty-Seven…

Chapter 37: Tomb of Doom.

It seemed like February had just arrived; however, March rushed in, and then April along with its persistent rain. The entire time, Lila’s ass was essentially glued to the lounger.  😀

Regardless, Spring had officially… sprung.

During those last months, Darius’ visits with Kayla were uneventful. No more stolen kisses. In fact, a tiny part of Lila felt disappointed… anyhow, Darius still seemed angry, but tried hard to hide it. Likely, it was merely the calm before the storm.

As for Travis, he forgot all about the kiss Darius forced on Lila. And the notebook was still hiding in the cabinet, behind several ancient cans of soup…

At a hefty seven months of pregnancy, Lila visited her doctor; hoping like hell to be allowed off bed rest.

“I’m afraid her cervix is dilated to three, so she’ll have to remain on bed rest for another four weeks,” Dr. Parks said.

Lila gazed up at Nick, pleading for him to tell her she’d heard wrong from the doctor.

He returned her gaze, his blue eyes conveying sympathy…

Once again, Lila returned home. Once again, Jeanette was there, waiting to boss her around.

…and once again, that dreaded lounger awaited Lila’s ass (haha, not unlike Nick).


Lila slumbered, dreaming of the day she may finally be free of that lounger.

That day was soon to come…

Nick watched her.

Over the last few months he’d worked out more and more, until his biceps swelled to the size of footballs and made him appear even yummier.

He went over to Lila and nudged her awake.

“How would you like to get out of the house?” he asked.

“I can’t, I’m on bed rest. And what about Nurse Ratched?”

*for those who don’t get it, Nurse Ratched was a bitchy nurse from the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

“I fired Jeanette an hour ago. She’s gone,” he said. “C’mon on, screw the bed rest. You’re over eight months’ pregnant now. Let’s go for a walk.”

She smiled up at him, a feeling of excitement overwhelming her.

Nick extended his hand, and she took it.

Nick and Lila strolled through the Riverview countryside.

Nick paused and gazed across the road, but Lila continued walking.

For a brief moment, Lila wondered what he was thinking.

Finally, he turned and followed her.

Darkness draped across the landscape, and shadowy figures seemed to move in every corner. It was eerie, but thrilling.

“Look, over there,” Lila said pointing. It was a small incline, with grave markers peeking overhead.

A cemetery! Wow, they’ve just hit the motherload of ALL boredom killers!

Excitement mingled with fascination as the couple climbed the hill.

Lila read the inscription:

Bob Sprout


Lila wasn’t sure why, but she was always strangely fascinated with cemeteries; and seeing one at nighttime was just awesome.

“What do you think he died of?” Nick asked.

“I’ve no idea, but it’d be fun to know,” Lila chirped.

“You’re sick,” he said, but laughed.

They lumbered to the back of the graveyard, glimpsing an underground entrance.


“Sh–should we go down inside there?” she asked, her heart racing. Add anxiety to excitement and fascination, and what do you have? An explosive concoction.

“It’s up to you,” he replied, looking a little worried.

“Yeah, okay. I think we should see what’s down there,” she said.

“All right,” Nick said, taking that first step into the bowels of hell.

Uh, well, it wasn’t exactly the bowels of hell.

“What is this place?” Lila asked.

“Some kind of catacombs,” Nick said gazing around.

“Really? Where’s the dead bodies?” Lila asked.

Then she peered down at her huge tummy, and lifted up her dress for a better view.

(lol) “Nick, what’s wrong with my belly button? It looks like another nipple.”

“It’s um… popped out. Auna’s did the same thing when she was having Travis.”

“By the way, nice panties,” he said.

Lila thanked him for the compliment, and Nick began to clear a path to the next room. Somehow, he was lucky enough to find a pick axe on the ground.

Dust and debris lifted into the air, and Nick broke out into a coughing fit.

Meanwhile, Lila massaged her back. Once again, it was aching.

This pregnancy thing kinda sucks, she groaned to herself. Also, I feel and look like I swallowed an enormous bowling ball.

Nick ran his hands across the wall, apparently searching for a trigger of some sort.

How the hell would he know if there were a trigger? Lila wondered.

A section of wall departed and spun around, revealing an entrance.

Wow, Nick. You’re good!

He even found a random treasure map, and began to study it.

“To get to this room here, we have to circle around this area,” he mumbled.

Lila stepped on a platform. Pretty sparklies floated to and fro; then glided over to a big door.

Since the big door still wouldn’t open, Nick reached into a hole. Apparently hoping to find another trigger.

He found a switch, along with an arm and handful of nasty bugs.

“Um… Lila? Can you maybe help me out here?”

“Leave me alone! My back is killing me again!”

Once they went through that big door, Nick used the pick axe again. Yes, another one happened to be lying about.

“Watch what you’re doing!” Lila griped. “You’re swinging that thing too close!”


Of course, Lila felt a little better when she noticed Nick’s buns of steel.


After clearing another path, a narrow corridor opened up.

Nick was hesitant to keep going, but Lila rushed onward.

The next door opened into a small room, darker than any other. Then they headed through a second door…

“We’re going to get lost if we go much further,” he said.

What? You mean that map isn’t helping? she wanted to say, but didn’t.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” she said. “Look, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you.”

“A few months ago, I found an old letter you wrote right after Travis was born. Basically, it said that you loved me, but that part was erased. Not very well, I might add,” she said, smiling.

His own face lit up with a smile.

“Anyhow, it made me feel really good to read it.”

“Well, I have something that I’ve been wanting to tell you,” he began. “You remember before we got stuck on that island? That whole time you thought I didn’t remember you?”

She nodded.

“I remembered who you were the first time I saw you at the stadium. I remembered you right away.”

“You bastard, you’re making me cry. Why—why did you pretend you didn’t know who I was?”

“Because you hated me, so I pretended not to remember you. I didn’t see any point mentioning it.”

“Oh,” she cried, wiping away her tears. “But you still could’ve told me. I thought you were an ass.”

“Again, that’s why I never mentioned it; until on the island. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I told you I remembered you as ‘Elle the Smell’.”

“Yeah, that was a great way to break the ice,” she sarcastically said. “Anyhow, I don’t think you’re an ass now.” She shyly looked away.

Nick stepped forward, slipping his arms around her. “Of course I didn’t remember you as ‘Elle the Smell’. I remembered you as Lila, my first crush.”

His mouth met hers for a passionate kiss.

He gently sucked on her upper lip; then they parted.

“I love you,” he said. “And I always have.”

“I love you too. And… my stomach kinda hurts,” she replied.

Nick’s eyes widened.

Lila seized her abdomen.

A ginormous contraction attacked her, squeezing her stomach into a hard ball.

SHIT! I think my water just broke!!”


Nick turned and tried to shove open the door. It didn’t budge.

“We are totally and completely screwed,” Nick said.


Chapter 38 coming… ♥


4 Responses to “Chapter Thirty-Seven…”

  1. OMG Lila can’t have Isabella down there. Nick has to get them out.

    You were right I do like his hair better that way, and the muscles OMG Hawt lol, gotta love a man with huge *ahem* lol

    I really cannot wait for the next chapter, I hope they get out OK 🙂

    • LOL, I hear ya.

      Hahahaha, I hear you on that too. Yes I’ll have to agree on that haircut. Just something about it… yep, and those muscles, etc. hehe… ahem indeed 😀

      You’ll find out in a day or two! XD sorry for the suspense, lol! And thanx for reading again!

  2. Lol, oh typical, trust Lila to get them in those situations 😛
    Nick’s har defo looks better now 😛 Hope Isabella and Lila will be ok…. I loved the chap as always 🙂

    • lol, that’s funny. Lila must’ve never heard the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’. She has that brave trait 😛

      Glad you like his hair too! I just wish they had more choices with guy hair… seems like they’re always all too longish or something. Well, I’m sure that Nick will take good care of them, even if they are trapped, lol.

      Thanks for commenting, and so glad ya loved it! 😀

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