Chapter Thirty-Six…

Chapter 36: Mindless Eye Candy.

Tastes good.


It could only be described as divine intervention.

Before Nick got up, Jeanette padded into the kitchen to get something to drink.

She’d been sleeping in the guest bedroom upstairs; that way Lila could have ’round-the-clock care.

Jeanette glimpsed a note on the table.

Curious, she drew closer. Then she sat down to read it.

‘Dad, Darus kised Lila. From Travis.’

Darus? she wondered. Oh, yeah. Darius, the guy who visited yesterday. Wow, how did I miss that? Did it happen while I was in the bathroom?

She rose from the chair, carrying the notebook with her.

Jeanette headed for the kitchen area.

She hid the notebook in the overhead cabinet. Maybe she could use it as leverage at a later time…

Late morning arrived. Travis had went to school, wondering why his father hadn’t mentioned the note. Afterward, Nick drove to the stadium.

Jeanette pulled a fetal heartbeat monitor from her scrubs pocket. She turned up the volume and nestled the transducer next to Lila’s stomach.

thump, thump, thump, thump, thump *squeak*, thump, thump, *squeal*.

“130 beats a minute,” Jeanette said.

“What’s that weird squealing noise?” Lila asked.

“That’s the baby moving.”

Oh, Lila thought. I wondered why it made that noise on the monitor whenever she kicked…

Jeanette tucked the monitor back into her pocket, then returned to her usual spot.

Lila got up, rubbing her aching back.

“Is it okay if I stretch my legs a little bit?”

“Sure, but just for a few minutes,” Jeanette replied. She never looked up from her book.

Lila waddled toward the office nook.

She noticed Nick’s wallet on the desk. Well, one of his wallets. He had a few.

A potential cure for boredom: going through someone’s wallet; maybe count their money, check out their plastic, see if they’re hiding any secrets…

She swiped it.

Time to see how rich Nick really is…

She sat in a nearby chair. Right away, a thick wad of cash leaked out of the wallet.

Lila counted each hundred-dollar bill. There were thirty of them.

$3,000 in cash, carelessly left in one of his spare wallets. But then something else fell out…

A folded-up note. Tentatively, she unwrapped it.

Her heart thumped in anticipation.

What could it be?

It was a letter, written by Nick. There was writing on both sides of the paper.

Lila began to read it.

October 22, 2003


This is Nick. So how are you? I just wanted to let you know that I just had a son. We named him Travis. I got married to Auna Carter a few months ago. I don’t think you know her.

Anyhow, I dropped out of college and had to get a job. But the good news is the SimNFL has OFFICIALLY chosen me to be quarterback for the Llamas football team. I couldn’t believe it! It was awesome news. I got married, had a son, and got this great career, and it all happened so fast my head is spinning.

Well, I also wanted to say I’m sorry for the way I left. I never should’ve kissed you like that and then just leave. I wish I could’ve stayed in Riverview with you, but Dad made me own up to my responsibilities. I got Auna pregnant, so I had to marry her. But I’ll tell you that I’ve always liked you. Maybe even love you.

Well, gotta go. Bye for now. I’ll write again soon.

Nick Moore

The part where it read ‘maybe even love you’ was erased, but Lila could still tell what it said.

He’d written it a couple months after they’d last seen each other, but never sent it. Yet, he’d kept it all those years?

Tears threatened to erupt from Lila’s eyes. She’d never felt so loved, and had never known it until now.

A few hours later, Prince Charming himself returned home.

“I’m going to the gym,” he announced.

“Wait—do you have to? I hardly see you anymore,” Lila said.

Nick glanced at Jeanette and asked, “is it okay if Lila goes with me? Just for an hour?”

“No. I’m sorry, but it’s too much of a risk,” she replied.

Nick gazed over at Lila.

She looked away, a mask of unhappiness (or what-the-hell-ever it is) marring her face.

As the evening sky deepened into hues of mauve, crickets and frogs began their nightly songs.

Meanwhile, Nick brought the gym home with him…

Lila was asleep, but not for long.

Nick scooted back on the exercise machine, and grabbed the weights on each side.

Then he began to show off.



Grunting and straining with the effort, Nick’s muscles bulged as he lifted the weights.

Lila snapped awake and couldn’t believe her eyes. For a second, she thought she was still dreaming.

Quickly, she looked at Jeanette to ensure her eyes weren’t glued to Nick. It was the opposite, Jeanette displayed a terrible look on her face; similar to Lila’s from earlier. Probably just trying to disguise the fact that she lusted over Lila’s man.

Nick continued to swiftly pump iron, his muscles rippling, bulging…  sweat glistening on his body.

Lila licked her lips.

Finally, she simply couldn’t take it any longer. Lila rose from the lounger.

“Lila?” Jeanette said.

“Just for a damn minute!” Lila snapped, walking toward Nick.

She sat on his mid-section, watching him up close.

Nick didn’t seem to mind.

Whenever he lifted the weights, his mid-section thrust upward, and she went up with it. It was like a fun ride at Disneyland.

Wheeee! she thought. Of course, she really ached to ride something else…

Lila marveled over how easily he was able to lift her, along with those weights.

It was also amazing how a piece of exercise equipment could handle a family of three, all at the same time.

Wow… just wow.

Travis jumped to his feet.

“Wh–whut are you guys doing?” he muttered.

Lila laid against Nick. His arms curved around her, massaging her lower back and shoulder.

“You gonna kiss me?” he asked, seductively.



“Oh my God! He’s going to plant another seed in Lila!” Travis shouted, running to his room.

“I can’t wait for you to work me like you worked this equipment,” Lila whispered.

“Me neither,” he said, his left hand groping her waist… what waist she had left, that is.

Jeanette smirked while watching them.

“Okay, this is all very cute, but I think it’s time Lila get back to her lounger,” she said.

Lila slipped off of Nick.

“Two months,” she said.

“Yeah. Two months,” he agreed.

She sat down, rolling her eyes.

Her disdain was aimed at Jeanette, who was quickly turning into Mother Hen or some shit. Granted, Lila didn’t want Isabella to come into the world too soon, but she didn’t think a little kissing would hurt anything.

Just for a moment, Nick also glared at Jeanette; then resumed his regimen.

All that exercise made Nick hungry.

Travis followed him into the kitchen.

Nick paused to watch the Super Bowl game, grumbling about not making it there due to his previously sprained ankle.

Erm… those hot dogs look like… erm. Yeah. Never mind…

“Daddy, did you see my note?”

Immersed in the tiny television, Nick didn’t hear Travis.

Damn, Nick thought, that should be the Llamas playing, not some hick team from the south…

Travis looked away, frustrated.

Then he ran off. “I gotta play some more Little Big Planet!” he called, forgetting all about the note.

For now, Darius and Lila’s secret remained… a secret.

…but all the evidence was in the cabinet.


Chapter 37 coming soon, with one more adventure in store for Lila and Nick… at least before Isabella is born. 😀 ♥ ♪


6 Responses to “Chapter Thirty-Six…”

  1. OMG, what a saucy little chapter, I loved it, especially where he was working out. Gotta love a man with muscles *wink wink*, If Lila doesn’t watch out I might have to steal Nick lol.When Travis said “Oh my God! He’s going to plant another seed in Lila!” I laughed so hard, it was so funny. I am looking forward to seeing if the nurse does blackmail Nick or if he finds the note for himself 🙂

    • Thanks Kim. Lol, I liked the idea of them sorta making out on the exercise machine thingy. :9 shit, who wouldn’t want to steal Nick?? If he weren’t a sim…. hehe. lol, thanks, glad ya liked that part about the ‘seed’ 😀

      Kewl. I may resume that plot within a couple more chaps. I think Lila may have the baby before too much longer, but it won’t be a preemie cause I’ll ‘fast forward’ time a few months. The bed rest stuff can get boring after a while… oh, and you might like Nick’s hair in the next chapter! I think it might grow back!


      • If only he wern’t a sim hehe. Yeah that bit was so funny, I could just imagine my son coming out with something like that before long. He’s 5 now, the time goes so quickly.Aww looking forward to seeing the baby, I wonder who she will take after. OOOOhhhh looking forward to seeing his smexy hair *wink wink* 🙂

      • Hi again Kim! Oh, I know what you mean about kids growing so fast. Seems like last year my youngest was 5 also. She just turned 9. Well, I hope Isabella is cute. She should be, but just in case I may have to ‘breed’ Lila and Nick on a seperate lot, until they have a girl who’s the cutest toddler, then that’s what I’ll use later in the story. Lol, when they’re newborns they ALL look alike, except for eyes and skintone. 😀

        Yep, you’ll like his ‘smexy’ hair, lol! 😀 :9 😉

  2. Looks like Travis’ plan has failed…. for now 😛
    Wow… hot chapter 😛 What would Isabella if she knew 😛
    That note from Nick was so sweet, I almost cried! Great chap!

    • it sure has 🙂 Thanks, lol. It wasn’t too awful dirty, either. Not really…. poor Isabella, her parents will be making out during her future school plays, sports events, etc., instead of watching.

      Glad you liked the note! I loved writing that part, it was sweet. A side of Nick you don’t see too often. Awww, thanks! I appreciate the kind words! 😀

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