Chapter Thirty-Two…

Chapter 32: Scars

The emotional ones are more noticable than the physical ones. Much more noticable; and they still hurt like a bitch.   

The sun rose over Riverview as Lila rested in the hospital.

Nick paused in the corridor, seeing Darius and Audrey outside Lila’s room.

He turned around and headed back to the first floor.

“I think I just saw Nick,” Audrey said.

“Where did he go?” Darius asked, turning to look.

“He left.”

Darius entered Lila’s room. Quietly, he stepped over to her bedside.

He caressed her forehead.

“Mm, Nick?” she groaned, half-asleep.

“No. It’s Darius,” he said, his voice breaking. He leaned over to kiss her.

“I feel so weak,” she rasped.

“It’s okay. J—just rest. Your mother will be in to see you… in a minute,” he said.

“Lila, I heard about how Nick saved you,” he said. “So, if you fall in love with him again, I understand. I mean, I don’t want you to fall for him again, I’m just sayin’ I’d understand… sort of.”

Lila said nothing.

“Anyhow, I just want you to know that I love you and I’m glad you and the baby are okay,” he added; then left.

Her mother took his place. She drifted into the room and pulled up a chair.

“Darius and I heard what Nick did,” she began. “I don’t really know how to feel about it, or what to say.”

Lila remained quiet, listening.

“I… just can’t believe that Nick saved your life; and my granddaughter’s life,” Audrey continued. “I’ve hated him for a long time, but now I think he’s earned his angel’s wings.”

Lila looked down.

“I know you don’t want to talk because it’ll hurt. Dr. Crux said you banged up your face pretty good.” She paused; then continued. “Anyhow, Nick had the choice of helping you out of the car, or getting Lexy out first. He chose you.”

He chose me. Nick chose me, Lila thought.

‘Now I think he’s earned his angel’s wings,’  Mom had said.

‘Lila, I heard about how Nick saved you. So, if you fall in love with him again, I understand,’ Darius had also said, like he was giving me permission. But the thing is, I never truly fell out of love with Nick.

A few moments later, Lila fell asleep.

Audrey and Darius left the hospital, so Nick finally had his chance to see Lila.

He slipped through the door, smiling.

For a second, her eyes fluttered open. She saw him standing there, and thought she was dreaming.

Nick went over to her bedside.

He brushed the hair from her forehead.

“Are you really here?” she asked, ignoring the pain in her jaw as she spoke. “They have me on so much Demerol, I can’t tell if I’m awake, dreaming or dead.”

“Yes. I’m really here. You’re not dreaming, and you’re certainly not dead,” he said.

She drifted back to sleep.

It seemed like only a minute passed, and Lila slightly awakened again… but Nick was wearing different clothes, as though another day had passed.

For the first time in two days, Lila felt like sitting up; and did. She felt woozy for a second.

Thankfully, the bruises on her face had faded.

Nick gazed over at her, patting the seat beside him.

“Come here,” he said.

Hesitantly, she drew near. His hand slid up her arm.

“You waited here all night?” she asked.

He merely grinned.

Gently, he enclosed his fingers around her wrist; then pulled her down onto his thigh.

Lila giggled. Those painkillers still coursed through her system, causing her to feel silly… or drunk.

Enclosing her in his arms, Nick sniffed her hair from behind. In turn, Lila noticed the enticing scent of his aftershave.

She relaxed against him, feeling safer with him than she ever thought possible. Of course, that could’ve been the drugs talking. Either way, he kissed the back of her head. Twice.

“You’re going to be released soon,” he began. “The doctors have kept you here on observation, but you’re well enough to go home. Maybe tomorrow morning.”

She knew where he was going with that.

“I don’t want to hurt Darius and Kayla,” she mumbled.

“I know,” he said. “I know. It’s like how it was when I was married to Auna. Now the tables have been turned.”

Irony sucks.

That afternoon, Lila and Nick relaxed on one of the outside picnic tables.

Uh, yeah.

“You know I’ll take good care of you and Isabella,” he droned.

“Yeah, but—”

“No buts. Just let me take care of you,” he said, planting a series of kisses on her lips. “You don’t know how badly I’ve needed you,” he moaned, now kissing her full on the lips.


“An annulment,” he said, his tongue and lips exiting her mouth.

“Yeah, an annulment. I–I love you,” she whispered.

He lunged at her, ravishing her mouth in insatiable hunger. Some of his weight pressed against her, feeling like steel and reminding her of his status as quarterback for a national football team. It turned her on even more.  At that moment, she wanted to climb onto the table and spread her legs for him… do it right there in front of the entire town.

Then again, it could just be the Demerol talking.


Despite knowing it was wrong to make out in public, (not to mention Lila being a married woman) they… just… couldn’tstop

They didn’t realize that Audrey and Darius arrived to visit Lila. Both stared at the couple.



Once she was released from the hospital the next morning, Audrey dropped Lila off at her home.

Even though she’d only been away a few days, the house looked strange to her; like she didn’t belong there.

One thing she didn’t understand about Nick: the entire time she spent with him at the hospital, he never mentioned Lexy. Wasn’t he grieving just a little? Or traumatized? Did he block it out? Not that Lila cared much about Lexy, she was just concerned about Nick. Lila thought about mentioning her, but was afraid to bring it up.

She gazed at Kayla, as the little girl played with blocks.

How could she even think about leaving Kayla behind? She called her ‘Mommy’. Oh, the guilt could eat away at her like a cancer. What the f*ck had Lila gotten herself into?! She only used Darius to get over Nick, but Kayla was caught in the crossfire; and Lila didn’t wish for Darius to get hurt either.

As if on cue, Darius entered the room.

“There’s something on the kitchen table I want you to see,” he muttered.

Lila’s heart rate quickened. She headed into the kitchen.

Lila looked at the documents on the table. Tentatively, she began sifting through the papers.

Annulment papers. Darius had already signed them, so only her signature was needed.

“What is this?” she asked when he joined her.

“I saw an attorney yesterday for an annulment to our marriage. Just sign them so we can get this over with,” he replied, avoiding eye contact.

“I know you’re still in love with Nick, so let’s stop playing games and end it now.”

“Are you sure you want this?”

“No, I don’t want this. But I’m sure that you do. So just sign them.”

“I don’t want to hurt you—”

“Too late. Just sign them; please.”

He stepped away; then glanced at her while exiting the kitchen. “Don’t let him hurt you again,” he said, his words ominous.

She turned to the documents, pen in hand.

There’s no turning back once I sign. Everything will be written in stone. Do I REALLY want to do this??

‘Don’t let him hurt you again.’  But what if he does? And she knew that wasn’t the Demerol talking…

Meanwhile, Darius cuddled Kayla in the next room.


Chapter 33 coming ASAP. Will Lila sign the annulment papers?! lol. Thanks for reading! ♥ ♥


4 Responses to “Chapter Thirty-Two…”

  1. 0.0 WHY?! *sniffles* Why end it on that pic, how can I be on Team Nick now 😛
    Great chap, but like I said WHO DO I CHOOSE 😛
    Loved it, and I can’t wait for the next one 😀

  2. Aw no, such a good/sad picture to end on. I feel for Darius and Kayla, I can tell they both really loved Lila. I still want her to be with Nick though, I think he has proved himself now. Looking forward to the next chapter, you always leave me wanting more 🙂

    • Hi Kim 😀 yeah it’s kinda sad. Ugh. Unfortunately Kayla loves Lila, as does Darius. 😦 ’tis the tragedies of life, though…

      Thanks again for commenting, and glad you like it! 😀 🙂

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