Chapter Three…

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Unexpected Expectations. Hmmm… what could that mean?! What new and interesting things are happening in Lila’s life now? Or is it happening to someone she knows?

…at the gymnasium as usual…

 Nick coached Lila through the last few exercises before the first big game of her career. As she ran on the treadmill, Lila reflected over her mother’s suggestion from the previous week. Lord knows she didn’t want to ask Nick to move onto his property, but her mother needed help, and she needed Lila out of the trailer before the sheriff showed up to kick them out.

Bastards, Lila thought.

When Lila sat down with a drink, she wiped the sweat off her brow and mustered the courage to ask Nick.

Then she took a quick sip of her juice, almost choking on it while she anticipated Nick’s answer. He looked over at her and furrowed his brows.

“Of course you can. We’re not using that space for anything else. In fact, we’d already decided to use it as a rental,” he said.

“I know. That’s what my mother said your mom told her,” she replied, sipping on her drink again.

“When would you like to move in?” he asked. Was he a little eager? Lila wondered…

“Oh, maybe sometime within the next few days. Mother told me you’d let me live there for free for a while, but I’ll gladly pay rent,” she said.

“Oh no! I wouldn’t hear of that!” Nick exclaimed. “I won’t charge anything until you’re further established in your career. I’d feel guilty any other way.”

Lila almost smiled.

“Of course, I did want to ask a favor in return,” he continued, and the smile evaporated from Lila’s face. “My son is in  the ‘Scouts, and I was wondering if you could… maybe go camping with him next week.”

Lila’s eyes grew round. “You want me to go camping with your kid? That’s not exactly part of my job description, Nick,” she laughed in spite of herself.

“Well, yeah, I know; but see I have a huge game coming up that’s out of state during that time, and my wife–“

“Your wife?” Lila blurted.

“Yes, my wife will also be out of town visiting her sick mother. It’s just overnight,” he practically begged. “This will be the only time, I promise.”

Lila frowned. “Okay,” she muttered.  She should’ve known there’d be a catch…

Minutes later, Lila rode home on her moped. Pretty soon, what she knew as her home would no longer be. Soon, she would eat, live and breathe in a new home, right next to the man who’d made her life miserable as a child. And now she had to babysit his brat while he and wifey were away.

Days later, Lila made preparations for moving onto Nick’s property. 

She gazed up at the huge, graceful manor.

It was certainly beautiful. Nick told her it was a four bedroom, three bath home; but to Lila, it looked larger than even that. Indeed, her small home paled in comparison.

Another view of the home’s splendor. ^__^

“It’s in here,” Nick said, strolling into a tiny building attached to the garage.

A nervous lump rose in Lila’s throat. Where was he taking her?

Nick descended a flight of stairs into a basement, and she followed.

Oh my God, he’s taking me to the Pit of Hell! Lila thought, nearly panicking.

She looked around the vicinity. This wasn’t supposed to be her new home! Nick was supposed to have an extra house on the property, not a hidey hell hole! Did her mom get the information wrong or what??

Just before she asked, however, Nick opened a door in the pit and led her into another area.

Now this “wing” of the basement was much, much nicer. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked around. It was like a complete miniature home. Nick even showed her the bathroom.


 “I think you’ll find this interesting,” Nick began, opening another door. A short tunnel inside led to another door, a door as ancient-looking as the other.

 “This next door leads to another stairwell, which leads to a closet inside my home,” he said, grinning. “It’s freakin’ awesome.”

Lila followed him through this next door and up the stairs and through another door.

 A moment later, both stood inside the second bedroom closet.

“Nick, you truly have an amazing home,” she said, choking back her pride and envy.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “I know.”

Suddenly, as she stood only a breath away from him in the dark closet, a strange feeling overcame her. He must’ve felt it too, for he quickly turned and exited the tiny room. She followed him into the foyer.

As quickly as it came, that odd feeling passed.

Inside the foyer, Nick introduced his wife and seven-year-old son to Lila.

“This is Auna, my wife, and this is Travis. He’s the one you’ll soon be going camping with,” he said. Lila fought off a scowl and shook each hand.

After briefly chatting with Nick’s wife, Lila turned to Travis. The boy glared up at her.

“I don’t like you. I don’t want to go camping with you,” he chimed. Lila’s lips stiffened, as though fighting to hold back a few words… she could hardly wait to go camping with the little *******.

As Auna scolded her son, Lila excused herself and left the home.

Once inside her new basement home, she plopped down onto her bed and sighed.

The next day, Lila’s mother met her at the stadium on Lila’s lunch hour.

“Lila, you know those hot flashes I’ve been having?” Audrey began.


“Well, I’d attributed them to perimenopause… anyhow, I went to the doctor…”

Lila’s heart stopped.

“…and Dr. Brown told me I’m pregnant,” Audrey finished, biting her lip.

“Mother! What the ****?! You’re almost 44 years old! How did this happen? Weren’t you using protection? And who–who is the father?!” Lila shouted, waving her hands around like a mad woman.

“Lila, I’m almost 44, not dead. Thank you very much. And I thought I was going through early menopause, so I didn’t think it could happen. And as far as it goes for the father, that’s none–”

“None of my business! Yes, I know!  But still…” Lila griped, forcing herself to shut up.

“Okay,” Lila said, trying to remain calmer, “so what are you going to do?” It was the inevitable question; the question eventually asked of all unplanned, unexpected expectations.

“Well, I’m keeping it of course,” came another inevitable statement. Lila shook her head, disbelieving the entire, mind-boggling scenario.

She didn’t know the half of it. Or how much of a ‘cougar’ her mother actually was… a cougar now pregnant with her cub.

Two days later, with thoughts of her mother’s situation forced out of her mind, Lila began her first big game in the local stadium.

An overwhelming sensation of stage fright confronted her; knowing there were thousands upon thousands of people watching the soccer game. Lila tried not to faint, and tried to ignore the cries, cheers and boos of the crowd as she played the game; praying all Nick’s training would pay off.

She was also self-conscious of Nick, since he sat on the lower bleachers watching her play. Watching to see how his training (of Lila) paid off.

As it turned out, all that training did pay off. Lila’s team won 10-2! She cheered, and was so happy that she ran and jumped into Nick’s arms…


Suddenly, an old song’s verse popped into Lila’s head; it was one of her mother’s favorites since she was a teen…

‘Hold me now, Woah-ohh, warm my heart; stay with me’, sung by the Thompson Twins in the eighties…

*record scratch*

When she realized what she was doing, Lila slid out of Nick’s arms. She felt the heat on her face, and did not look at Nick. Thousands roared around them, embarrassing her further.


Chapter Four coming soon! How will Lila’s camping trip with Nick’s son go? And will Lila find out the shocking truth about the father of her mother’s baby? Will Travis Moore get another frog to replace his beloved Froggy?? Stay tuned to find out…


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