Chapter Twelve…

Chapter 12: The Other Woman.

Which witch is which?

CC clutter at Auna’s house was found here:

“Travis, why do you keep playing these nasty tricks on me? I mean, the snake in the toilet, the alligator in the bathtub, all that?”

“I didn’t do that stuff,” Travis replied.

“Yes. Yes you did,” she shot back. Frustration arose like so much stomach acid.

“I love you Lila,” Travis said through the toy, mocking his father’s voice.

“Hi,” he said mocking Lila’s squeaky voice. “Lila, will you marry me?” talking through the man-doll again.

“Knock it off, Travis.”

“Mama told me to put the snake and gator in the bathroom. It was fun,” he said.

“Wha—what did you just say?”

“Do you know what your son just told me?” Lila griped.

“I don’t have time for this today. I’m already late for practice,” Nick grumbled.

Lila halted in her trek.

Nick pulled the car out of the driveway, leaving Lila fuming.

Fine, she thought. Fine! I’ll just… just talk to Auna about this.

 Auna’s new home was tiny and angular, reminding Lila of a gingerbread house.

Was the witch home? Was Hansel and Gretel safe?

 A moment later, Lila sat inside the home. The air was tense. Liquor bottles adorned the coffee table, along with other clutter. Even a couple cigarette packs. Lila didn’t know Auna smoked.

As for Auna herself, tear streaks stained her face; a face that was very pale. She seemed either stoned or drunk, and the evidence was everywhere.

 “Why are you telling Travis to put horrible things in the toilet and bathtub?” Lila asked, getting the interrogation over with.

If you’re implying that I make my son do my dirty work for me, then you’re sadly mistaken.” Auna’s speech was a little slurred.

“Then what would you call it? Look, let’s just cut the crap already. We both know you told Travis to do those things, and I want to know why.”

“My husband is in love with someone else,” she moaned.

“Uh, yeah; well…”

“Not with you,” Auna clarified. Lila shot her a look. “He’s in love with himself.”

The room grew quiet. Auna displayed an odd look on her face.

“Auna, are you okay?” Lila asked.

“What do you care?” she said. “By the way, did you know that whenever you quit something, you only replace the habit with something else?”

“Never thought about it, Auna.”

“I was once a druggy, but now I’m a drunk!”

“I don’t feel well,” she continued. “My heart is breaking.”

“I—I’m sorry Auna—”

Auna tried to get up, but slumped to the floor.

Lila’s heart skipped a beat and her throat constricted. She bolted over to Auna.

Oh no; oh God, please don’t let her die of an overdose! Please don’t let her die of alcohol poisoning!

“Are you okay?” Lila asked, trying to help her up. Her heart pounded.

“My life is ruined!” Auna wailed, struggling to stand.

“No! No it’s not. It’s just—changed, that’s all,” Lila said.

“C’mon, I’ll help you to your bed,” Lila added, but grimaced in pain. “Ooomph. Auna, you’re squashing my other arm.”

Carefully, Lila helped her walk into the next room.

“Thank you, Lila.” Auna began to doze off.

“Yeah, sure. No problem.”

By the time she left, nighttime had descended upon Riverview, and a new understanding descended upon Lila.

Oh, hell. Let the kid put as many frogs, gators, and turtles as he wants in the shitter. He can even stuff rotten eggs in there for all I care. I probably deserve it all.


The next evening, Lila and Nick went to dine at a semi-fancy restaurant. She wasn’t going to tell him about her visit with Auna, but there were other things that concerned Lila.

Auna’s words repeated in Lila’s mind, disturbing words… Nick is in love with someone else; himself. Nick is in love with someone else; himself. Over and over. Not to mention Roger’s statement from the other day: Nick is on the rebound from his wife. He’s only using you. Rebound, rebound, rebound, rebound…

“This get-up makes me feel like a ballerina in a music box. I look ridiculous.”

And I’m sure the Nikes don’t help either.

“You look beautiful.”

“Uh, wow. That’s—that’s cool. Thanks, Nick.”

Now I’m a blubbering idiot. Great.

“I was wondering,” she began, but closed her lips. She grasped the stem of her wine glass, scooting it around the table as though it were a miniature car. She was tempted to do the engine noises.

My God! Just ask him already. What’s the worst that could happen?!

She picked up the glass and gulped the wine. Then she placed it back onto the table and cleared her throat.

“Nick, um…”

“What? What is it Lila?” he asked, growing impatient.

“You’ve never really told me how you feel about me, you know. I mean, well, you know what I mean,” she faltered.

To her surprise, there was no hesitation when he answered.

“I love you, Lila.”

“Oh. That’s n—nice. Thanks, Nick.”

That’s nice? Thanks Nick? Thanks Nick?? WTF???

After Nick’s admission, they quietly ate. Very quietly ate.

What more was there to say?

Except this:  do I actually love him?


Chapter 13 coming soon. Wedding bells will be a-chimin’. 😉


2 Responses to “Chapter Twelve…”

  1. was that Doris creeping through the window. Wow she’s creepy

    • Ah ha! You’re reading my very first S3 story! 😛 Well, I’m glad you seem to be liking it so far. It’s certainly not the best-written story I have, considering I wrote it so long ago… Anyhow, I think that was her peeking in the window. LOL. Brings back memories of how silly this story was! 😀

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