Chapter Twenty-Five…

Chapter 25: Nick vs. Auna

Court proceedings are about to begin…

Note: the nightclub in this story was found on the Sims 3 exchange, called Tower Club STARS. I tried to find the creator’s name, but couldn’t. I also tried a search on the Sims 3, but to no avail as usual. So sorry there’s no link to it 😦

Lila picked up Preston and lifted him into the air. She spun around in a half-circle.

A cute grin spread on his cute face. He tried to laugh.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Roger lounged on the sofa. Her mother didn’t seem very thrilled.

“Lila, I really wish you’d take down all these posters of Nick. After all, this is my house.”

“Huh? What posters of Nick?”

On January the 4th, the custody hearing for Travis commenced.

The courtroom was large and overpowering. It made Lila nervous.

She sat near Robert, Nick’s father. At first, she didn’t plan to be there, but changed her mind at the last minute.

She watched Nick, as he glared at Auna across the room.

Auna sat with her attorney. At times, she’d whisper something and her attorney would jot it down on a piece of paper.

The judge was none other than Susan Sarandon herself, the famous actress.

Actually, her name was Marilyn Lewis. She’d been a family court judge for the last ten years. It worried Lila, because the judge was a woman and might show favoritism toward the mother. Hopefully that wouldn’t be the case.

Dr. Baltel fidgeted as he waited for Nick’s lawyer to begin the questioning.

Drake Harper strolled to the front of the courtroom.

“Dr. Baltel, please tell the court what your patient, Auna Moore, said during her November 13th appointment,” Drake stated.

Judge Lewis shot Drake a filthy look.

Oh, Lila fretted, this doesn’t look good.

“And remember,” Drake added, “you’re under oath.”

Auna rolled her eyes, along with her attorney.

“Mrs. Moore told me that she relapsed on cocaine. Twice,” he said, his foreign accent thick. Lila was curious as to what country he was from.

“I have no further questions your Honor,” Drake said stepping toward his seat.

“And I heard her, just down the hallway. I heard her screams of pleasure as Dr. Clopper made love to her,” Dr. Baltel blurted. A collective gasp swept over the courtroom.

“I said I have no further questions,” Drake muttered, staring at the shrink in shock.

“Screaming, I say, screaming as Dr. Clopper performed—-”

Auna and her attorney bolted upright.

Make him shut up!” Auna hissed at her attorney.

Lila and Robert simultaneously recoiled, as the doctor continued his explicit descriptions of Auna’s passion noises.

Nick stared at Auna, his eyes shooting figurative bullets.

“Your Honor, please… get this man off the witness stand; and I move to strike his last twenty statements.”

Nick, Lila and Robert stood and jeered at Auna and her attorney.

“Order in this court! Sit down and SHUT UP!

“Reluctantly they sat. Nick, however, continued to glare at Auna.

Dr. Baltel glanced at Auna; then mumbled: “I never did like Dr. Clopper, nor you.” A grin spread on his plump face.

Thirty minutes later, Judge Lewis stood and addressed the court.

“Child custody is never an easy thing for a judge to decide,” she began. “Nor is it an easy situation for parents to endure.”

“But looking at all the evidence, I feel that I have no choice in this matter. I must grant primary custody to Nick Moore.”

“Auna Moore shall receive supervised visitation every other weekend. Once she completes eight weeks of Narcotics Anonymous meetings, twelve weeks of rehab, and can prove through medical testing that she’s no longer using, she may get unsupervised visitation.”

Nick jumped from his chair and threw his arms around Lila. Robert also stood.

“Judge Lewis is a bitch. We’ll just appeal,” Rhonda, Auna’s attorney, said.

“Forget it,” Auna replied.

“Thank you so much Lila,” Nick said. His eyes lit up with happiness.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad you got your son back, where he belongs.”

“Can I cut in here? I want to hug Lila,” Robert said.

Meanwhile, Auna stormed out of the courthouse.

Lexy Reed awaited Lila’s return outside.

“Hi!” she called out with a huge grin.

Townies demonstrated before the courthouse, showing their support for Nick.

Before meeting Lexy, Lila strolled over to Nick.

“This wouldn’t have happened without you,” he softly said. But then his smile evaporated as he asked, “did you know about Auna and Dr. Clopper?”

Lila nodded. “I’m sorry,” she said. 

His smile returned and he gently wrapped his arms around her.

“Thank you Lila. I owe you my entire life,” he whispered.

Lila didn’t know what to say to that.

That evening, Lexy invited Lila to one of the local nightclubs.

Lexy spent an hour sipping on cocktails. Of course, Lila only drank water.

Loud techno music thumped all around them.

“Remember when I was a cheerleader in high school?” Lexy said.

“Yeah. We had some good times together,” Lila replied.

“Did you know the whole football team passed me around like I was some whore?” she said.

“What? No, I didn’t know that. You mean they—”

“Used me, yeah. I’d go out with the captain one week, and as soon as he got what he wanted, he’d dump me. Then the quarterback, then the wide receiver, and… well, you get the message. Oh, but don’t worry, Nick Moore wasn’t one of them.”

“I–I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” Lila said, horrified with the revelation.

Meh, it was a long time ago. I’m over it.” Lexy gazed down at the floor.

“So did you get pregnant on purpose?” she asked.

“Uh, excuse me? No I didn’t. I forgot to take my birth control with me when we went to the Twinbrook game.”

“Mmm-hmm,” Lexy responded.

Lila stared at her a moment; then changed the subject to a more pleasant one…

After returning home, Lila crashed from exhaustion.

She would only get a few minutes’ sleep, for her cellular began to ring.

Lila stirred, then arose.

Who the hell could that be?? she wondered. She leaned over to get her phone.


“Hey Lila,” Nick answered.

“Nick, do you know what time it is?” Lila asked.

“Yes, but I needed to ask you something important.”

“I couldn’t sleep, and I haven’t been sleeping for a while now. I just have to know—if you’d ever be willing to take me back.”

“You’re asking me this at one o’ clock in the morning? But—”

“Come on Lila,” he interrupted, chuckling nervously. “I need to know. I mean, we have a baby coming; don’t you think it’s time for us to grow up a little?”


“Lila, it’s the last time I’m going to ask,” he said.

“I don’t like ultimatums,” she replied. “So the answer is no.”

Nick sighed as he clicked off the phone.


Chapter 26 coming in a jiffy…


4 Responses to “Chapter Twenty-Five…”

  1. Yay that showed Auna and Dr.Clopper 😛 Finally Travis is with his daddy 😀

    But is this the end for Lila and Nick? 0.0 This story is so good 😀 Thank you for writing it, I check every moment I can to see if there is an update ;P

    • It sure did, lol. Yep, I was glad to write that part. I love happy endings 😀 not that this is an ending… 🙂

      You’ll just have to find out! 😛 Thank you for the kind compliments. 😀 and sorry about the smiley abuse, lol. Anyhow, I truly appreciate everyone’s awesome comments!!! And you’re welcome about me writing it; I do love writing and combined with using Sim pics, it really rocks.


  2. Oh No, poor Nick Lila just can’t give up on being with him, after all she has done for him. I am glad Travis is back with his father and Auna and Dr Clopper got what they deserves 🙂 Great update again, you always surprise me and keep me wanting more 🙂

    • Well, you’ll find out what the future holds for them. 🙂 anything could change at any moment! lol. I was glad to write that into the story as well, I wanted Travis to stay with Nick, since Auna has too many issues to care for him. Yeah, I’ll go ahead and say that word got around about Dr. Clopper’s indiscretion with Auna and he was fired from the hospital anyway, lol. 😀 😛 hehehehehe.

      Thanks for the great comments Kim! Glad ya keep comin’ back for more Nick and Lila! lol! 😀

      ETA: Y’all are in for a shocker when chap 26 is posted! hehehehe

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