Chapter Twenty-Four…

Chapter 24: Princess.

…and the princess wanted to kiss the frog so he’d turn back into the prince of her dreams, but she was afraid he’d hurt her again… but what about their baby? What was best for him or her?

Just an interesting tidbit: in the original Grimm story, the frog did not turn into a handsome prince until the spoiled princess threw him violently against the wall. XD  Maybe Lila should do that to Nick.

Only a few days after Christmas, it was time for Lila’s sixteen-week ultrasound.

“Well, as always, everything looks good,” Dr. Clod—err Clopper said.

“Do you want to know the baby’s gender?” he asked.

“Sure,” she replied, fighting off excitement.

“It’s a little princess,” he smiled.

Lila returned his smile, but a twinge of disappointment tugged at her heart.

Dr. Clopper spun around in the chair to face her.

“You’re not saying anything,” he said. “Did you want a boy or something?”

“Sort of. But I’m happy either way,” she said. Already, those twinges began to dissipate.

“I thought women always wanted girls,” he muttered.

“Yeah, and guys always want sons. What can I say? I’ll always be a tomboy at heart.”

“What does Nick want?” he asked.

Lila looked down. She had no clue if Nick wanted a boy or girl. How bad is that? Regardless, it was time to change the subject.

“I want you to convince Auna’s shrink to testify in court during the custody hearing for Travis,” she blurted. Her heart pounded as she asked the question. Actually, it wasn’t really a question…


“You heard me. If you don’t do it, Nick will go to the hospital administrator and get you fired for having sex with an ex-patient during your shift.” Her heart raced so fast, she feared she may have a heart attack. “Auna’s relapsed, and she has no business looking after Travis.”

“Are you shitting me? You’re really going to blackmail me into doing this?”

Lila just smiled, determined not to give away the horrific anxiety she felt.

A minute later, she spoke again: “Nick’s already told his attorney, and the court date is scheduled on January the fourth.”

“Does this mean you told Nick about Auna and I?”

“No. I only told Nick to get his lawyer to schedule a court date and I’d take care of the rest,” she replied. “But if you don’t convince Dr. Shrink to testify, then I will tell Nick everything, and in turn, he’ll notify the administrator.

“And if I can’t convince Dr. Baltel?” he asked.

“Then your job at this hospital is toast,” she said, hoping that her confidence was justified.

“In that case, I hope you never have the boy you want. I wish you nothing but baby girls until you’re an old,  dried up prune.”

For the longest time, Lila stared at him.

F*** you, Clod. And I hope your balls shrivel up into tiny pebbles and all your boys dry up as well. With that thought in mind, an overwhelming feeling of nausea assaulted her. She aimed right for his scrubs.

Later, Lila sat in the basement and browsed the internet. Her mother’s house was so tiny, that the master bedroom was situated in said basement. It was a huge contrast to Nick’s mansion. Well, obviously.

She knew she should be calling Nick and telling him about his child’s gender, but it made her nervous to call him. He usually called her twice a week, but hadn’t in several days. Either way, she swore to herself she’d call him as soon as she was finished with the computer.

Oddly, instant messages began to pop up on the screen. She clicked out of them, until she saw one that piqued her interest.

She quickly typed a reply to the message.

(**Author’s note: if the red-colored text is hard to read, just click on the pic to enlarge and that should help**)

Alexis Reed… the name echoed in Lila’s mind as she tried to remember.

“Oh, yeah! Lexy!” she said. Lexy’s image popped into Lila’s mind; she was a girl she knew in high school. Lexy was once a cheerleader, but when the ‘goth’ craze began, she completely changed her appearance to resemble that crowd. Throughout it all, they were friends. Not really close friends, but friends nontheless.

Lila’s fingers tapped on the keyboard.


Lila was about to type another message, when an additional IM popped up over Lexy’s original message. Puzzled, she stared at the screen.

*tap, tap, tap, tap, tap*


She grimaced when she saw who the message was from.


She clicked the tiny red X at the top of the message.

‘How did you find me??’ Lila typed on Lexy’s message.

‘I saw you on the news and got your email from a friend of a friend of a friend, LOL XD.’

As Lila continued to type, her mind wandered with thoughts of Nick. She couldn’t help it; one of the last times she saw him was when he’d seduced her, and she missed him… she’d hoped that the IM was from him.

She missed seeing him, missed him holding her, missed him touching her; his wandering fingers, wandering lips, wandering tongue… boy, was she horny.

Then thoughts of Darius invaded those thoughts of Nick. Wow, he was pretty sexy himself…

Wake up, Lila! a voice shouted in her head. It’s just your crazy hormones talking. So get your mind out of the gutter and on your new friend…

A few minutes later, Lila and Lexy had a ‘date’ set up to meet in town the next day. It was then that she heard a scream from upstairs.

Somehow, she knew her mother was in labor.

That evening, the sun emerged and its warmth melted away all the beautiful snow. It was depressing. It was like when Frosty the Snowman melted in that hot room, nothing more than a puddle and the little blonde girl cried.

Lila and Roger waited in the… waiting room of the hospital. Audrey was in the labor room, experiencing… labor.

“Do you think she’s doing okay back there?” Lila worriedly asked.

“I guess,” Roger replied, but seemed nonchalant. In other words, he didn’t give a shit.

“Wanna make out?” he asked.

“That… is SO not funny.”

“It was a joke, Lila—”

“Some things you don’t joke about; especially something like that,” she snapped.

Thankfully, Dr. Clod stepped into the waiting room. Roger was making her furious, and she needed the distraction.

“Audrey’s been wheeled over to the delivery room. She’s ready to give birth, if you’d like to accompany her now,” he told Roger.

Roger shot a nasty glance at Lila as he headed down the corridor.

Thirty minutes later, it was over.

“He’s adorable Mom,” Lila said, gazing at her tiny brother in the nursery.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Dr. Clopper staring at her; likely wondering when she’d nag him again about telling Auna’s shrink to testify.

“We named him Preston,” Audrey softly said. Lila was about to ask, but her mother beat her to it. He was a beautiful baby. Lila wondered if her baby girl would resemble him.

“Mom, wipe that awful sneer off your face,” Lila rebuked. “You’ve had a baby, smile a little.”

“Who are you? My mother?” Audrey smirked.

Audrey turned and embraced Roger. Lila wanted to barf.

Afterward, Lila met up with Dr. Clopper in the next corridor. She could easily read the look in his eyes.

“I asked Dr. Baltel to testify. I told him if he didn’t, that I could lose my job.” he said. “So he said he’d do it. He’ll testify that Auna relapsed on drugs.”

“Thank you doctor. You’ll never know what this means to me,” she said. “Or to Nick.”

“Does this mean you’re off my back now?”

“That depends. But for now, yes. I’m off your back.”

“Good. Good-bye, Lila.” He spun around and walked off, his scrubs making a swishing sound.

When Lila returned to the nursery area, Roger held Preston in his arms. He looked somewhat worried.

“I’m afraid I’ll drop him,” he fretted.

“Then just… don’t,” Lila said.

A few hours later, Lila went home. She picked up the phone and invited Nick over.

When he arrived, Lila gazed at him; almost forgetting what she wanted to say. His handsome, hot looks were distracting, and her hormones were still going bonkers.

“Um, I just wanted to tell you that—we’re having a girl,” she said.

“A girl? Are you kidding me?” He grinned.

“Yeah, err—I mean no, I’m not kidding. So you’re happy about it? That’s what you wanted?”

“Definitely,” he said. “I’ve wanted a girl for years. I mean, Auna didn’t want another baby after Travis.” His expression darkened, but then lit up again. “Isabella,” he said, smiling.


“Yeah. Bella for short. I want that to be her name,” he said.

Lila stared at him and asked, “this isn’t some Twilight thing, is it?”

“What’s Twilight? Isabella was my grandmother’s name.”

Lila smiled. “I love that name.”

“Then it’s decided. Our little princess will be named Isabella,” he said; then gave Lila a ‘thumbs up’.

In all the excitement, she forgot to mention that Auna’s shrink would testify in court.

The next morning, Lila met Lexy in town.

“You look so much different than the last time I saw you,” Lila said. Indeed, the goth look of yesteryear was gone.

“You too,” Lexy replied.

A quiet moment passed between them. Suddenly, Lila felt as if she were in high school again. That feeling was not pleasant, for she’d despised high school. But she was glad to see Lexy again.

Lexy sat on the fountain as the two chatted, catching up on the last eight years of their lives.


Thanks for reading! 🙂   Chapter 25 coming soon.


2 Responses to “Chapter Twenty-Four…”

  1. Great chapter, Love how Lila got Dr Clod to agree 🙂

    Awwwww a little girl, I love the name Isabella, can’t wait to see who she looks like. And Preston is such a sweetie 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store next. 🙂

    • thanks Kim!

      Yeah, I like the name Isabella too, and Bella for short. 😀 I hope she looks pretty cute! I like the sims 3 newborn babies, I think they’re totally adorable. ^_^

      Glad ya liked this chapter too! 🙂 😀

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