Chapter Twenty-Six…


Chapter 26: Rebound Redux.


Please don’t hate me for what I have my sims do in this chapter. Just remember that it’s only a story and the circumstances can change at any time. 😛

Two weeks passed without any phone calls from Nick. Obviously, he was in pout mode again. Regardless, Lila was happy because he got his son back.

As for Darius, he called between eight and ten times in the same time span.

The morning of January the 20th, Lila headed to one of the shops for maternity clothes. She didn’t realize that Darius was behind her.

“Lila,” he called out, gradually catching up to her.

She tried to ignore him.

“Lila,” he said. Apparently he wasn’t about to give up.

“Lila, just talk to me. This is ridiculous,” he said.

She paused and then turned around.

“What do you want, Darius?” she asked.

“You know what I want. I want you to give me just a lousy minute of your time so I can explain things to you.”

“What’s to explain? You really creeped me out the last time I saw you!”

“I’m a private detective. I was hired a while back by Doris Moore to follow you. That’s why I was in Twinbrook, and that’s why I had the camera. The old lady wanted me to snoop and find out information about your and Nick’s relationship.”

“You’re a private detective? You—you used me this whole time just to get information for that old bat?! Are you SERIOUS?”

“It isn’t like that anymore! Lila, I fell in love with you! You have to believe me.”

“You’re in love with me? How am I supposed to believe that? My entire life is one huge series of unbelievable events,” she said. “I feel like some character in a Lemony Snicket book.”

For a second, Darius’ lips tightened as though trying to stifle laughter.

He cleared his throat and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t stop thinking about you. Please forgive me for lying to you. You won’t regret it, I promise.”

“Darius, I’m so confused right now. I’ll—I’ll talk to you about this another time.”

She spun around and walked off.

This time, he let her go.

While driving back home, Lila had a brainstorm. She took a detour to Nick’s place.

Once and for all, I have to tell Nick how I really feel about him. I have to mend our relationship before it’s too late… now I know why I can’t forgive Darius; it’s because I’m still in love with Nick.  

Lila rushed toward the house. She had to hurry before she changed her mind.

Choking back her pride, she tapped on the door. Her heart pounded like a drum beat.

When Lexy answered the door, Lila’s heartbeat stopped.

For an eternity, Lila simply stared at her best friend.

“Lila, I’m sorry. I wanted to tell you, but—”

“Y–you’re screwing Nick?!”

“Well, yeah. I’m sorry—I—we met a couple weeks ago, and—”

“A couple of weeks ago?!” Lila fumed, as Nick emerged from the next room.

“Hey, you don’t have any right to speak to me like that! You were finished with Nick! You didn’t appreciate him, you just threw him away! I was there for him. You should be thanking me.”

Thanking you?” Lila echoed, chuckling in disbelief.

Nick nudged Lexy to the side and stood between them. Oh, the irony.

“Nick,” Lila cried, “what is going on?”

“It’s like she said, we met two weeks ago and I’ve been seeing her since. I didn’t think you’d be so upset about it.”

Upset?! Is he serious?! Are these two for REAL?! An ice pick piercing my heart would feel better than this…

Then a realization dawned on her.

“She used me to get to you,” Lila mumbled. “It was her plan all along.”

“Lila, you know that’s not true…”

“And you, you can’t stand to be alone for more than two seconds! You’re like a woman! You can’t handle it!” she shouted.

“And you can’t handle your own feelings,” he said. “Lila, I told you over the phone more than two weeks ago, I told you it would be the last time I asked you to come back to me,” he added.

Nick stared at her. She returned his gaze, not knowing what else to say. She knew she wanted to bust something, very badly. Either his face or Lexy’s. Maybe she’d flip a coin.

Lila peered at Lexy behind him. Her lips twisted into a small, sadistic grin.

Lila hurried down the steps and away from them.

Just like the last time she was dumped, memories invaded her mind…

She and Lexy were in high school. It was the end of their sophomore year, while Nick was a senior.

Lexy had recently quit cheerleading and began to dress as a goth.

One day, Nick strolled by and smiled at Lila. Lexy watched him pass by.

“He is such a dream,” Lexy softly said as her eyes followed him.

“Bye Nick,” Lila called out, waving.

The girls watched him leave.

And presently, Lila realized the reason why Lexy slept with the entire football team as a cheerleader. She’d been slowly ‘working’ her way toward Nick. But Nick never wanted her… until now.

Somehow, Lila managed to drive home.

Meanwhile, Nick went into the nursery he’d built for Isabella.

He stood next to the crib.

“Nick?” Lexy called in a whiny tone. “Where did you go?”

His eyes rolled toward the ceiling.

Lila pulled into the driveway of her mother’s home.

She entered the house, and ran past Preston as he lay on a blanket upon the floor. She locked herself in the bathroom and sobbed.

Preston cooed as he remained completely oblivious to the drama around him.

After crying in the bathroom for an hour, Lila crashed on the loveseat. She refused to sleep on the hide-a-bed, since she and Nick were once intimate on it.

Day slowly turned to night, and stars twinkled in the sky.

…and Lila was still asleep on the sofa.

She was startled awake by a nightmare. Her eyes opened, but then she didn’t remember her dream.

However, she did come up with a new plan… and it had absolutely nothing to do with Nick Moore.

It was time to take control of her life, so the next morning she stopped by Darius’ house.

He answered the door and looked… a little surprised.

“Let’s get married,” she said.

“Married? Are you shitting me?”

“No. I’m beyond serious.”

Darius took her hand and led her into the house. Then he knelt down on one knee.

“I bought this a few weeks ago, but never had to nerve to give it to you,” he said.

“Oh my gosh. You already got me a ring?!

“If you want me, then this ring is all yours,” he said.

“Yes, I want you.”

Darius slid the ring on her finger.

“You won’t regret this. I’ll take great care of you and your baby,” he droned.

“Mama! Mama!” Kayla exclaimed, pounding her tiny fists against the floor.

Lila leapt into his arms.

…feeling more human than she had in months.

So why was she still thinking about Nick? How long would it take for Darius to erase Nick from her memory? To erase her desire for him? To un-break her heart?

Not too long, she hoped.

The used becomes the user.


Chapter 27 coming ASAP, and THANKS for reading! 😀


13 Responses to “Chapter Twenty-Six…”

  1. No No No!!!!!! Lexy is a horrible cow, she deserves a huge smack in face lol and so does Nick. Lila should just tell him how she feels and he would be there in a heartbeat.

    You surprise me everytime I read a new chapter, it’s like reading a whole new story, but still the same lol.

    I can’t get enough. 🙂

    • lol, hi Kim! You read this already?! I just posted it about an hour or less ago! LOL. hahaha. Yeah, I knew you’d hate Lexy now, most people would! She’s like the worst kind of person. Everyone knows someone like that in RL! I know I have! Oh, I was afraid you’d be mad at Nick too… but yes he’s an asshole as well. 😛 Thanks again for the wonderful compliments, kim! Glad ya like my little soap opera, drama llama series. 😀

      • Yeah I check every day lol 🙂

        I’m more mad at her then Nick though, he’s only doing it because he is feeling hurt and rejected and Lexy probably threw herself at him too.

  2. Oh yea forgot to say the nursery that Nick made for Isabella is gorgeous 🙂

    • thanks! A lot of that is custom stuff, I think it’s called the ‘Arcadia’ set but forget where I got it from. Maybe TSR??? And the winnie pooh quilt that’s in the crib and on the changing table is something I made in CAP. 🙂 it’s on my sims 3 profile page if you want to download that. A lot of the other stuff is from TSR (free stuff, not paid).


  3. 0.0 Lexy better sleep with one eye open, such an evil person with such an angelic face…. I want to hate Nick, but I just can’t bring myself to do it 😛

    Another part of me is happy she is with Darius, even though it’s not real, I hoped he wasn’t a perv 😛 Hopefully Nick will know what Lila has been feelinf for a while now :p

    I loved it, it’s so good!

    • That’s right. Lila just might do something to Lexy, hehe. 😛

      Yeah, I can’t hate Nick either. Probably cause he’s my own character, lol. IDK, he’s bad, but he’s also good. :/

      Nope, Darius isn’t really a perv! Oh yeah, Nick’s already been jealous of Darius, lol.

      Thanks PlayerRac2! So glad you like it! 😀

      • I feel sorry for Darius now, being used like that, even if he should have told Lila 😛
        Can’t wait till the next one 😀

        P.S Thank you so much for adding my blog as one of your fav’s, that means a lot to me 😀

  4. Wow! You’re writing updates faster than I can read them!

    Holy crap, WTH? I really didn’t see that coming from Lexy. What a total bitch. xD

    Revenge marriage, eh? This will be interesting.

    • Hi Pentameter! lol, it’s just because I’m so stinkin’ addicted to it. I can’t stop. 😛

      LOL, she is a total bitch! Like I said, any woman who’s ever had a boyfriend/hubby has known a ‘Lexy’ in real life. *Barf*. lol, I know I have. Slut. XD

      Thanks for commenting! and yep, revenge marriage. hehe. 😀

  5. Hi again PlayerRac2. Yeah, that is pretty mean of Lila to do that to Darius. But he wants something from her, and she wants something from him, so this way they both get what they want, lol. Even though it’s wrong. >_>

    No problem about adding your blog! Your Legacy is awesome! 😀

  6. Poor Darius. But I have to admit, she will NEVER get over Nick. I should know cuz I have my very own Nick and Darius 😦

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