Chapter Twenty…


Chapter 20: Deadly Sims. The title reminds one of a Lifetime movie.

Lila headed to the stadium for practice, over a half hour late due to morning sickness. It was the fourth day in a row she’d arrived late.

She had no idea how badly this day would turn out.

She meandered into the lobby, and noticed her coach standing with one of Nick’s teammates.

“Uh, Lila? Can you come here for a minute?” he asked.

Oh shit. This is it: disciplinary action for my chronic lateness.

Reluctantly, she stepped over to the coach.

“I’m sorry to say this, but you’re on paid leave for the next ten months. I was told about your pregnancy,” he said.

“What? You won’t let me play? But—”

“I’m sorry, but my hands are tied. There’s nothing I can do.”

“Who told you?” she shouted.

“I’d rather not say,” he replied.

Who told you?!

“Dr. Mark Clopper.”

“My doctor told you?” she asked, incredulous.

He nodded.

Furious, Lila turned her back to Ryan. Then she saw Nick standing near the main stadium entrance.

…as smug and cocky as ever. Oh, how she despised him at that moment. He didn’t seem to notice her, which only pissed her off more.

You’re the one who got me into this mess in the first place.

Not thinking about the imminent consequences of her actions, Lila stormed all the way to the hospital.

On the second floor, she rushed toward Dr. Clod’s office. A confontation was about to ensue.

Who the hell does he think he is? He had no right to tell the coach! It’s MY pregnancy, and it’s MY business! What happened to patient privacy rights? Isn’t he in violation of the law?!

She reached for the door knob and twisted it…

The door swung inward, and Lila stepped in. She gasped.

For a long moment, she just stood and watched. Dr. Clod was making out with—with—


“Oh, my God!” Auna cried, wriggling out from underneath Dr. Clopper.

“No… way…” Was her eyes really seeing what she thought they were seeing? Was this the moment her Lasik surgery stopped working? Did her eyeballs revert to their near-sighted state?! But she could still recognize that characteristic flaming hair, blurry or not.

“Lila?” Dr. Clod asked, shaking his head. “What are you doing in here? Damn! I knew I should’ve locked that door.”

Lila said nothing. She was speechless; any words she may have mustered were frozen in her throat. She could’ve choked on them.

“Lila,” Auna pleaded as she scrambled for her clothes, “please don’t tell Nick.”

And now the tables were turned.

Lila expressed her disgust with the couple.

“I’m not even going to go there about you and Auna! But I want to know why you told my coach about the pregnancy!” she shouted.

“Just calm down!” he said, morphing into Bobby Ewing from the TV show Dallas. (an older show that ran from 1977-1993, I believe). He’d be a dead ringer if his hair was black.

“Who the hell do you think you are! I could sue you for that, yanno!”

“Will you just let me explain?”

“I’m waiting.”

“I was thinking of you, but most of all your baby. You cannot play sports if you’re pregnant, it just isn’t wise. It could be dangerous,” he said.

“Who says?” she muttered.

“Just think about it. What would happen if you got injured during a game? Maybe some random event like the ball flying toward your stomach? And how would you plan on running about during soccer when you’re approaching the second or third trimester? Can you honestly say that would work out? No offense, but you’d also look a little ridiculous. You’d look like an egg with legs playing soccer.”

Lila’s eyes shifted to the floor as she considered his reasoning. Indeed, it made sense. She just couldn’t see it until now, she was so preoccupied with keeping her sports dream alive.

Auna flashed by them, and noisy shuffling followed her heels. She disappeared around the corner.

That afternoon, Lila sat down to watch television to get her mind off things.

It didn’t work; particularly when she switched it over to SimESPN. 

“In other news, the Sunset Valley Wolves scored a touchdown during yesterday’s game. The ending score was 22-34,” the journalist on the left announced.

“That’s right, Joe. It was a close game for the first hour, and I was quite shocked,” the other guy said.

“And now breaking news… rumors are flying about a certain SimNFL player’s off-field shenanigans.”

“That’s right, Joe. Llamas quarterback Nick Moore allegedly had an affair before his divorce from Auna Moore, and now his mistress is reportedly pregnant.”

“Oh no!” she cried; then a moment later: “Wait a minute—mistress?!

“This morning, reporters spoke to the source of these allegations. Dr. Mark Clopper, from Riverview General, confirmed the mistress’ pregnancy.”

Lila jumped from the chair. “I’m going to kill him!” she shrieked.

As the news story went on, she sat back down and listened.

“As for the identity of the mistress, that hasn’t been revealed yet. However, other sources report her identity will soon be revealed; maybe as early as tomorrow.”


“Hahaha, cocky bastard. Nick Moore is gonna get what’s coming to him,” the journalist said. His friend also laughed.

Lila wasn’t laughing.

Later on, Lila went shopping at one of the town markets. Unable to concentrate, however, she didn’t buy anything.

Her mind a haze of confusion, she headed straight to the phone booth to call her mother.

“Hello Mom?” she said.

“Lila? Is there something wrong?” Audrey asked from the other end.

“Have—you watched the news today?”

“No. Why?”

“Just watch the news,” Lila said and hung up.

She sat on a bench, mulling over her problems.

It’s one thing right after the other. First I get fired, then I find out Auna and Dr. Clopper are screwing, and then my business is smeared all over national television. How much worse can it get?

Lila got up and began to walk back to her car.

At first, she didn’t notice the approaching vehicle. It went slow at first, but then sped up.

By the time she saw it, it was too late.

But she did see the driver.

“Stop!” she shouted.

The vehicle plowed into her. This wasn’t good.

My baby… it was her last thought before passing out.

The police arrived first, with the ambulance right behind.

Nope, Lila had no idea how badly this day would turn out.


Chapter 21 coming soon. Sorry about the violence, lol. I’m not usually that cruel to my sims… 😛


4 Responses to “Chapter Twenty…”

  1. Oh no poor Lila, I hope both her and the baby are going to be OK.
    Maybe now she knows about the doctor and Auna she can have Nick to her self hehe 🙂

  2. LOL, sorry about that. I’m trying to get chap 21 out ASAP, but I don’t want to give it away either! So I don’t want to tell you not to worry, lol.

    That’s it. I guess you’ll find out! lol. 😀 Thanks for reading again!

  3. Oh no! I knew that doctor was a jerk. The title on this chapter is great! It did instantly remind me of a Lifetime movie. xD Can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

    Thanks for including my blog on your list of favorites! I’m glad you enjoy reading my silly stuff. 😀

    • Yeah, Dr. Clod (Clopper) is an asshole, lol. XD Thanks, glad ya liked the title! 😀 Yeah, it really does sound like the title of a Lifetime movie, just instead of Sims it’d be Sins (of course, haha).

      No problem about listing your blog! Thanks for listing mine too! Well I’m glad you like reading my silly stuff too! 😀 😉

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