Chapter Two…

Where we left off in chap 1, Lila aspired to be a famous athlete. Unfortunately, she found out her boss was Nick Moore, the man she’d known since childhood, and the *bleep bleep* who always treated her like dirt. She considered giving up her dreams, but decided against it. She wouldn’t let any man shatter her aspirations… no matter how much he ticked her off. In addition, Nick was already a world-famous football player; arrogant and conceited as always. Lila knew he didn’t deserve such awesome luck. Would both of them get through Lila’s training in one piece??

hee, hee…

At the local gymnasium…

“Lila, physical fitness is essential to all true athletes,” Nick muttered, his arm encircling her from behind.

Duh, Lila thought. And stop breathing on me. All that hot air is invading my personal space! OMG, I hate you!

“First, you can try this out.” He pointed to the exercise machine in front of them. Although it looked a little intimidating, Lila slipped onto the seat and began her first round of exercises. She was glad just to be a few feet away from Nick.


 “That’s it!” Nick barked like a dog, swinging his fists around as though he were in a boxing match. “Atta girl!”

*bleep bleep* Lila muttered under her breath.

“YEAH! Whoooo! You can do it, Lila!” he screamed. She wanted to slap him, but decided against it… with ample amounts of reluctance.

An hour later, as Lila mounted the treadmill, Nick finally shut up. He stood with his back to her, quiet. Maybe he finally recognized her from childhood; after all, he hadn’t mentioned it yet… which was another thing that insulted her. He acted as if he didn’t remember her, whilst she remembered him right away! Then again, she hadn’t traumatized him in the way he had traumatized her. Who wouldn’t remember that?? And what the heck is wrong with the old man on the treadmill next to her??!

After the torturous regimen instigated by her arch nemesis, Lila stopped by the local market to pick up a few things for her mother.

As though being struck down by a thunderbolt, Lila stopped and stared at the poster of Nick Moore displayed inside the store. Touted as the ‘local sports hero’, Nick stood posing and looking conceited as always. The ad nauseam of it all made Lila want to puke. Nick was a *bleep*, he didn’t deserve such recognition and fame!!

That’s nice… she sarcastically thought, glaring at the poster.

What’s next? She thought. A ‘Got Milk’ commercial? She could already see Nick with a milk mustache.

…and now she forgot what her mother wanted from the store. *facepalm*

The next afternoon, Nick forced Lila to practice throwing and catching a football.

“Why?” she’d asked, for there were no women’s football team (LOL) and even if there were, she’d never join one. She was interested in the other sports, like soccer and basketball.

“Because it never hurts to practice better hand-eye coordination!” he’d preached.

“Oh,” she replied, frowning.

Moments later, Nick hurled the football toward her…

…it smacked against her hand, and she struggled not to drop it.

“Fumble!” Nick screamed, a huge smile on his face.

“That was not a fumble,” she snarled. “I caught it!”

“You caught it, but you almost didn’t catch it,” he said. Lila gritted her teeth in frustration, bit her tongue and prepared to hurl the ball back to him.

 Without any effort, he caught it. Lila rolled her eyes.

She waved her arms around in a mad attempt at catching the soon-to-be thrown football. This time she was desperate for a perfect catch…

…and it flew past her and bounced on the floor.




“You threw it like that on purpose! You didn’t want me to catch the football!” Lila fumed.

“I did no such thing,” he protested.

“Yes you did! And get your filthy hand off that area!”

“Here, Nick! EAT THIS!!”

“Stop! Get the *bleep* away from me!” he shouted, ducking from her grasp.

“Why did you toss it like that? I want to know!” Lila demanded.

“What’s this really about, Lila?” Nick sneered. “It’s not about how I toss the football, is it?”

No, Lila wanted to scream, it’s not about that. It’s about the way you used to torture me! And why don’t you remember me?

‘”Look, whatever I did I’m sorry!” he shouted, not sounding sorry.

Lila paused in her tirade, as the gymnasium grew quiet.  She tried to regain her composure. Meanwhile, Nick turned and walked to the bleachers.

Minutes afterward, Lila sat a football field away from Nick and sipped on a refreshment.She tried to be quiet as she nursed the beverage, because any tiny sound could potentially resemble an explosion in the heavy silence…

She placed the empty contrainer on the floor and stepped down from the bleachers.

What did she truly want from him? she wondered in frustration. Was it a heart-felt apology? Was it recognition? Was it validation? Perhaps she’d been watching too many re-runs of Oprah…

“How did it go today?” her mother asked as Lila walked through the door.


“That bad?” Audrey asked.

“It’s bad every single day, Mother.”

“Why? What did he do now?”

“What do you think? You know how he treated me when we were kids…never mind. I’m going to bed,” Lila groaned as she strolled to her room.

That night, Lila fell into a deep slumber; rich with images of Nick Moore.


                                              Three Weeks Later…

After a remarkably unremarkable training session with Nick, Lila met her mother at Hogan’s Crispy Deep Fried Diner (or whatever the *bleep* it’s called).

 Lila tripped before reaching the doors.

“Ack!” she squealed, her hands smacking against the doors and breaking her fall.

Too bad a man couldn’t be here to break my fall, she whined to herself.

Dusting off her pants, she went through the door. She glimpsed her mother sitting at one of the front tables.

Audrey sharply exhaled and said, “what happened to your hair?”

“I won’t dignify that, Mother,” Lila replied in a low voice.

“Anyhow,” Audrey continued, “I asked you to come here because I needed to talk to you about something important.”

Lila braced herself.”This doesn’t sound good,” she said.

“It’s not,” her mother replied, her words followed by a nervous chuckle.

“I never told you how behind I was on the house payment. Our trailer is being repossessed,” Audrey blurted in an oddly calm tone. Before Lila had time to react, a man a few feet away gasped in astonishment as though he were shocked with Audrey’s admission; even though the women didn’t know him from Adam. Lila stared at him for a moment, then turned her attention back to her mother.

“Well what are we going to do?” Lila’s heart thumped with anticipation.

“I ran into Mrs. Moore the other day,” Audrey began.

“Mrs. Moore?” Lila asked.

“Nick’s mother. I saw her at the market. We had a discussion, and I told her about our financial problems.”

“What? You told a total stranger about our money problems?” Lila asked.

“Stop shouting at me. And Doris isn’t a stranger. I’ve known her for years. Anyhow, if you’d let me finish, Doris told me than Nick has an extra small home available for rent right on his property. Doris told me that she’s sure Nick would let you live there rent-free for a while, at least until I can figure out what to do.”

“Huh? You want me to ask Nick if it’s okay if I live somewhere on his property?” Lila asked, shocked.

“Just until I figure out what to do, Lila. Doris assured me it would be okay with her son,” Audrey said.”Please. Just do it for me, I don’t want to worry about where you’re going to live.”

“Where are you going to live?” Lila questioned.

“I already found a tiny apartment in town,” she said. “It’ll do for now.”

“So this is why we’re sitting at the diner without any food? Because our money problems are worse than I thought?” Lila asked. Audrey nodded as an uncomfortable grin spread on her face.

Just the thought of living anywhere near Nick was enough to make her skin crawl. And on his property?? Only a few yards from where he lived? Would there be plenty of acreage between them?? Was she seriously thinking about doing this??

To be continued (yes, I know. Cliche City). Anyhow, will Lila decide to live on Nick’s property? If so, how will all that work out? Will they be able to live in such close proximity to one another? Or will they wind up feeding each other to the nearest cow plant?

Stay tuned… (oh no! Another cliche!) hee, hee.


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  1. I know this seems like a n00b question, but where’s chapter 1?

  2. Dear Jennsims, I just want to let you known that your stories are wonderful and your an inspiration to me. Your one the reasons why I chose to create my own site to publish stories on, Keep up the good work.

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