Custom Content Creator List:

1. Creators from The Sims Resource
2. The Sims 3 Store
3. Nick Moore-Dean Winchester v2 by LadyFrontbum on the Sims
4. Thanks to all other creators of CC

5. ‘Hispaniola’ World is in chapters 5 through 8. I don’t know who the creator is, I tried to search and it was like looking for a needle in a haystack!

6. The Hope Clinic by Linday. Frustratingly, I typed in the name of this lot (exact words) on the Sims 3 lot exchange to find the creator’s name, and it wouldn’t show up (or showed 3000000000 other lots that were nothing like this lot). It’s pretty bad that I had to type the name on a search engine, and the creator’s name popped right up. Guess where the lot was? On the Sims 3 exchange….

7. Creators from MTS

8. More creators will be mentioned as I write each chapter. 😉


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