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My Completed Stories:

Riverview: https://jenssims.wordpress.com/

Dancer: (warning: contains some X-rated content) http://jenssims5.wordpress.com/

Misconduct: (warning: contains some X-rated content. Adults only) http://tempted3.wordpress.com/ 14 chapters/Part 1 completed.


6 Responses to “*My Stories*”

  1. I’ve had 2 days off work and would like for you to know i’ve spent ,between sporatic bouts of cleaning,most all my time reading Bloodlust,Misconduct and have started Riverview,i can not stop reading!~
    I appreciate all the effort and complexity you put into these stories that totally submerge and intrigue anyone who reads them.
    Oh,and if i lived in Shadowvlae i’d be a total slut i swear!hehe
    Thanks again,Lisa.

    • LOL, you sound like me. I’ve been cleaning a lot lately in between trying to write chapter 89 of BL and editing my newest story ‘Platinum’. Anyhow, I really appreciate your awesome comments about my stories, and I am really glad that you like them. ❤ 😀

      WOW, is that a HUGE compliment!! Thank you so much! That really makes me feel good, and validated, because I really do try to make my stories as realistic and believable as possible… along with scene setting, and everything else that goes along with trying to make a good Sims story. So thank you so much again. *HUGS* You really don't know what your words mean to me. They truly mean a LOT.

      hahaha, I have to agree. If there were such a place, and I wasn't married, OMG… I'd be so much of a whore they'd have to keep my ass locked up. 😆 So you're not the only one who feels that way! 😛

      Aww, thank you hun. 🙂

  2. Just started Platinum!~
    As i was reading chapter 89 of Bloodlust,my husband had walked by and said what are you doing? I said i’m reading a Sims 3 story,it’s better than any Harlequin Romance i could buy,he said oh yea?And i continued on to start Platinum,before starting chapter 5,i went to the kitchen to get a drink and guess what my husbands’ reading?Yep he’s on chapter 8 of Bloodlust,he’ll never leave a comment,you know how men are=b,but he is reading.I had read where you were kind of down,lack of comments,but i would’nt let that bother me so much,some are reading and will never comment but still enjoy.My second comment this week so you know what i think/hugs.Keep doin’ the good work girlie,2 new fans here=).

    • awwwwww you are so sweet!! Thank you! 😀 Oh, and glad you started reading Platinum. Sucks that I can’t continue writing anything for a while. It might be February or even later… there’s a lot of stuff going on right now.

      hahahahaha OMG your husband was reading Bloodlust??? that is so hilarious! Most guys would never admit to reading or liking vampire stories! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. Oh, the lack of comments thing? That’s old. I whine about stuff like that sometimes. Doesn’t really mean anything. Actually a lot of personal things are going on right now in my life (bad stuff) and so that really puts the ‘lack of comments’ thing into perspective… but thank you for the kind words, I do appreciate it, and you are 100% right. Comments really don’t matter. Actually now I have them disabled, it’s just too stressful right now to read them.

      Well thank you again. Probably won’t be able to reply the next time, I have to go back up to Ohio (2nd time in a few weeks, my mom’s sick). And in fact, between you and I, I’m likely going to stay in Ohio this time (hubby and I are splitting up. You know, when it rains it pours). There’s no internet at my parents’ house, but hopefully I’ll be able to do something about that… O_O

      *Hugs* back to you, and I’m so glad you and your hubby are enjoying my crazy stories! 😛 ^^

  3. Oh sweetie,so sorry to hear about home life,will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.Hope things get better for you and will keep checkin’ back every week or so to see if you’ve made it back..will be waiting for my next fix!~=)

    • hey there Lisa, I just got back yesterday. I was in Ohio for almost 2 weeks. Me and hubby worked things out, so your prayers worked. To be honest, I couldn’t really handle losing him in addition to my mother. But yeah, my mom died the day after I arrived in Ohio, so I made it there just in time. I didn’t want it to happen while I wasn’t there, because I was able to talk to her and hug her, etc., before she died. She was at my Dad’s home, the local hospice or whatever allowed her to spend her last days there. They thought it would take 2 weeks for her to pass, but was just a few days, which is good in a way because she was just sleeping all the time (from morphine) and if she would’ve been awake, she probably would’ve been in pain, and my sister said that when my mom came home before that, she was crying a lot but didn’t (or couldn’t) say what was wrong. So sad to think of that, but now she’s in peace. She’d had one dose of chemo back in December, but when she went to get her cat scan or whatever it showed that the tumors grew instead of shrinking (and they’d already spread a while ago to her lymph nodes). The tumor was near her stomach and was pressing on her liver, which caused it to malfunction, and so infection got all into her body. Anyhow, her organs started failing after that. The only way I was able to see her in time (the day before she passed) was by getting into an airplane (my first time flying). But I’m so glad I did it. So yeah, it’ll take time to get over seeing her like that, and take time to get over her sudden passing in general. I didn’t even know she was sick until almost the middle of December, which was the first time I visited her in years, but I stayed a week and it was nice because I got to chat with her quite a bit (this was before she got too sick). I also feel sorry for my Dad, I’d never seen him cry so much. I felt like I needed to be there for him too.

      Anyhow, yeah I’m glad hubby and I worked it out. Our fight was stupid anyhow, and it was just something petty that started it. I was in a bad mood because of my mom and taking it out on him, basically, and I think he got sick of it. But he apologized for whatever he’d said, so he was trying not to be selfish.

      Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. I really do appreciate them. 🙂 You are a real sweetie. ^^

      LOL as for your next fix, still won’t be until maybe middle February for Bloodlust. But I might update Platinum (not even sure if you’re reading that one) sooner. Platinum is an easier story to do than Bloodlust, if that makes sense.

      ❤ and hugs to you. 🙂

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