RIP Froggy

When I clicked on the fishbowl to have Nick’s wife feed Froggy, I noticed that it wasn’t moving. So here’s a small tribute to Froggy, who lived a full, happy life; all of about four Sim days.


Several sim days later, Travis’ replacement frog also died. In fact, he must’ve died a while back since there’s green smoke drifting from the fishbowl. See the arrow.

Apparently, sim frogs have a very short life span.

RIP Frogger.


2 Responses to “RIP Froggy”

  1. My sim fish always die too ;_; Is the frog only in Riverview? I’ve not seen it before.
    Great blog btw 🙂


  2. Hi Gique! Oh, I don’t think the frog is just in Riverview. I think it came in the EP Ambitions where you could fish for frogs and alligators. I used a cheat to put ‘special’ types of fish in my lakes on my game.

    If you make it back here, the cheat is this: hold ‘control shift c’, without quotes and type in ‘testingcheatsEnabled true’ and then type ‘buyDebug on’ and go to your buy mode menu. There will now be a question mark. You click on that and browse to the fishing category, and somewhere in there you will find the frog spawner for your ponds, or whatever else kind of fish you’d like.

    Thanks for the compliment, and I’ll check our your blog as well! 😀

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