Trampolines and Time Machines

This page contains some snapshots taken while playing the game after installing the newest EP, Ambitions. Of course, this is by no means a complete overview of the expansion, just a fraction.

Nick seems to like the new trampoline. How is Lila faring?


Indeed, while I was having them jump together on the trampoline, Lila had a little accident. It was completely random, I promise.

Nick has a shocked look on his face as Lila tries to get back up.

She climbs back onto the jump-thingy, and they have s’more fun…

Holy crap, how old are these two?!! And look at how HIGH they can go!

Nick’s son is playing with one of the new toys. It’s a cow and it actually does the ‘moo moo’ sound, lol.

Awesomely, the new ‘Bake Sale’ kids’ table (or whatever it’s called) has a “steal money” interaction. Thus, I had Travis steal from the jar. Mwahahahahaha. He got lectured a few moments later by some strange woman in the park. Poor Travis…

A close-up of the cute dinosaur on the table.

I had Travis play the new game in Ambitions. It was utterly thrilling.

I placed the firefighter pole in the park, and had Lila slide down it. Sims can also climb up it. Kewl.


Lila’s plumbob is slightly visible. Well, I was too lazy this time to do the ‘hide headline effects’ cheat.

This is a community lot I built using almost nothing but the new Ambitions items and lot decorations. Now, there are abandoned-looking boxcars to string all over your lots, and I also used fog for effect. In addition, the run-down house near the back is a community lot decoration, called ‘The Ruins’. Looks like a crappy old house to me. 😛   The railroad track signal thingies also look neat-o. They are found in both community lot decorations, and neighborhood decorations (as well as the boxcars).

Because I’m insane, I placed the time machine in the grayish-looking building.

Here is one of the holes that the inventor can drill. I clicked on it, but it only gave the option to ‘fill in hole’. Maybe it’s because I used the ‘Buy Debug’ cheat to get the hole in the first place. Somewhere I heard Sims could climb down one hole and emerge in another way across town. I hope that’s true, but it wasn’t the case using the cheat.

There’s the time machine inside that building. We’ll have Lila try it out in a sec.

Here’s a close-up of one of those boxcars.

Ha ha ha, Lila always was a tomboy. That machine is supposed to be a drill.

Now it’s time for Lila’s next adventure.

The special effects from the time machine (after Lila got in) slowed down my computer a little. Just to let Sims 3 players out there know…

Here is the inside of the machine. You must press the ‘tab’ key in order to see it.

Here’s a cool shot of the interior, right before Lila gets back out. By the way, I had Lila travel to the ‘future’.

Another needless, but cool, picture of the effects.

Lila emerging from the machine…

Looks like her outfit changed. Wow.

Here’s Lila’s super-cool new outfit from the future.

I also had Lila and Nick ‘woo-hoo’ in the machine, but there were no familiar woo-hooing animations (no harts floating about). Bummer.

Now here is the new town salon. Not bad.

Here’s the interior.

Salon goodies. Blah, blah, blah.

The tattoo parlor inside the salon.

Random snapshot, still inside the salon. Why would an investigator’s paraphernalia be inside a beauty salon?

…or this stuff?!

Looks like Riverview has a new junkyard. One of the interactions is ‘search through rubble’, or something like that. My memory sucks.

The handy consignment shop.

At last, Riverview also has a clothing store, of sorts.

Nice fog effects for my cemetery. The mausoleum in this pic is a new one that came with Ambitions.

The once-innocent looking bunny has turned into a demon sculpture from hell.

The following are more random pics from the expansion:

(this crappy-looking diner is just a rabbit hole.)

Hello my baby, hello my darlin’, hello my….. Yes, this reminds me of the singing frog from Looney Tunes; eh, except this guy is an alligator, or croc…

Overall, this new EP has got some great new effects for story telling! 😀    😉

Thanks for reading!


4 Responses to “Trampolines and Time Machines”

  1. Wows 😀 I like the pics, thankyou SO much for sharing :DDD

  2. Hi Elilie101! Thank you so much for the great comment!!! And glad you like the pics!


  3. lol i love the miner and time machine and… your story has inspired me to try and write my own story its about this girl who moves from TB to RV and is lost cuz well TB n Rv are very Different lol

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